I heard that some condo buyers were going after their HST rebates but when I started to research the whole topic, was unable to get a clear understanding of the rules/regulations (my lawyer was also in the dark about the whole topic). Luckily I came across Rebate 4U while scanning through google and timing-wise was very fortunate as I literally had only one month left to claim my return. They were friendly, helpful + efficient putting the claim in right away and clearing explaining the whole process. I was very pleased with their overall services and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people. Sincerely,

Tanya Mckelvey stars
In our time of need. Rebate 4 U came to the rescue. Through their expertise and experience they assured us that everything would be okay and then delivered on their promise. Michael and Idan, you guys were great. 10 out of 10 in Customer Service. As a Customer Service Manager for a large corporation for the last 10 years, I truly have to take my hat off to the both of you. You truly provide the exceptional service I have been striving to achieve. I normally don't take the time to do these surveys but, Michael and Idan really came through for us so, I felt compelled to share our positive experience. Thank you!
Mark stars

Found out about rebate4U from a letter that was mailed to me, from you. I met in your office , to find out more about the process that was required. Once I collected all the information you required to process my application, I came to your office again with all my was some time before the application was approved. You did keep in touch with me , to assure me that, although my application was taking longer than normal, it would be approved......and the cheque would arrive. It did....!

Thank you for looking after this for me

Christine stars

As a Real Estate Agent, it is crucial for me to offer Rebate4Us services to my clients - who only deserve the very best service. Every client that has received Rebate4Us professional services and cheques are extremely satisfied. I always look forward to referring


Aaron Gonsenhauser stars

We are very pleased we used Rebate4U, a professional service provider fully proficient with the ins and outs of a niche, complicated CRA program. Michael took upon himself the entire process and paperwork, kept us informed on a timely basis, all the way to a full and successful rebate from the CRA.

Doron stars

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to thank you again. What a simple and quick process you have developed. I will be sure to refer others your way. Much appreciated and best of luck in the future.

Mark stars

Dear Michael and Idan,

Both Katy and I want to thank you very much for bringing this program to our attention and then following up promptly and professionally with excellent service. The speed of your turn around with our cheque was fantastic! We are obviously very pleased and will be glad to refer Rebate4U to our friends and business associates.​

Katy and Cliff stars

I came upon a flyer at my door one day saying if you have completed a major renovation you may be entitled to a HST refund. I did a bit of research on the Revenue Canada website and was surprised that this was a legit refund. I looked at the application process and there was a lot of information needed. I did not want to miss any information and this is why I used the experts to give me the maximum refund possible. I am so happy that I used Rebate4u. Right from the beginning the experience was good. I was treated with respect. The whole process was real easy. I just had to gather all my receipts and answer a few simple question from the company. It was well worth it. This is extra money I didn’t even know I was entitled too. I want to thank you for the time you took in complete my application and getting my money for me.

Vera Arsenault stars
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