I had received several letters advertising Rebate4U, and I have to admit, I thought it was a scam.  It didn't look or sound legitimate to me.  Until one day, after so many letters, I decided to call.  To my surprise, the young lady on the phone told me exactly what to do.  She told me to get all the receipts together, pertaining to the addition we had put on our home, and bring them to the office.  All the people in the office were supper nice.  They told us, why not get some of the tax back.  3 months later we got a little over $9,000.00 dollars back.  I wish I had known of this government tax rebate earlier, I wouldn't have thrown out several of my receipts.  Thank you Rebates4U for being so persistent.  We would not have gotten any money back.

Dolly & Giulio

Great service you guys are providing. I did my own GST rebate about 15+ yrs ago under the old program and that was hard enough. But I had downloaded the new forms from the gov’t site for my latest renovation project and really found them quite complicated and full of questions & terminology that I didn’t understand. Fortunately I saw a feature on the Ottawa CTV channel about Rebate4U, and the rest is history! Thanks...

Fluker G

Honestly I did not believe that I could get the GST rebate on my major home renovations. But after talking to Rebate4U , follow their instruction. 6 or 7 weeks later I got a call from Michael with a check of $11164.54 Thank you Michael, Cathy and Andrew very much. 

Nguyen V

Hi Michael Yes I would and have referred people to your service. I am however making something clear to them that was not made clear to me...that you get up to 45% of the rebate not the whole rebate.... We were happy with communication and attention, just that detail would have made our experience better. We would do it again if we ever renovated another home. Regards Dawn Anthony

Dawn A

I found REBATE4 very hepful ,reliable and always available to answer your questions . they know the business quite well ,and I appreciate them for all they have done.

Meysam P

The service delivered was very professional and the fees charged were more than reasonable. Once the relevant information/documentations were provided to Rebate4U, all I needed to do was wait for the rebate. Furthermore, I was kept informed of the current status throughout the application process. For all of the above reasons, I would strongly recommend Rebaet4U should you ever require services of this nature.

Johnson S

Hello Michael I just want to say that your organization was knowledgeable & professional in handling the rebate. I received the rebate quickly. Thank-you for all your help. M.L. P.S. Please do not use my full name when showing the testimonials. Thanks

Lowry M

Good experience for sure. Just had difficulty with getting the money to pay you in order to get the cheque. I wish I would've known about this earlier and we could've had it done at the same time as our tax return. Anyway, I've already recommended your services to a few people. They also had no idea that this was available!

Rolly R

It was excellent experience. Very professional. Was given 2 options, pay a flat fee 595+tac and they will take care of the paper work and submitting the application for the HST rental rebate or the second option is pay 10% of whatever money you get back. I chose the first option as it was cheaper. Within 6 weeks I got a cheque for the full amount of HST I paid for. I highly recommend Rebate4U service. Thanks again for getting my rebate back.

Omar H

After finding out about this rebate from my friend and viewing the youtube video with Pat Foran I contacted Rebates 4u and was very impressed with Michael. He was very straight forward and new exactly what was needed in order to apply for this rebate. I had my rebate cheque in about 4 weeks. I have since forwarded the information about this rebate to my contractor, real estate agent, mortgage broker and any one else who was interested as this is something our government does not willingly tell us about.

Joanne R

As it was easy to receive a payment back ,also was the experience in working with you ..Absouletly flawless procedure as long as your paper work is in good order.

Joseph (Jody) R

Excellent friendly assistance.You had a tenacity to succeed when many others would have thrown in the towel. Well done and thanks. Will Pitman.

William P

Was slightly skeptical,at first, but did some investigating, and found them to be a sound company, and so sent in my receipts, and within a few weeks, was given a very substantial cheque !!!! Was treated very professionally when I did make the initial calls, and they also took the time to ensure I had the documents that were required . Very satisfied, and would definitely recommend this compamy !!

John P

You told me that I may qualify for a rebate. I wouldn't have known otherwise. I suppose that you keep track of building permit applications. Good idea. You took care of my file completely and I did get the rebate for which you said I qualified. I felt comfortable dealing with your company, partly because you have a full office for clients to visit and because I felt that my contact was knowledgeable.

Joanne P

Please feel free to leave this review anywhere you like. We stumbled across Rebate4U quite by accident after our major house renovations. I will admit to being a huge skeptic, and at first I was worried this might be some kind of scam. Wow, was I ever wrong. The staff were highly professional, and required very little of me other than the receipts I had and to answer a few questions. I was pleasantly surprised to get back the maximum rebate, and at a very reasonable cost. Trying to do this myself would have been terribly daunting once I saw the paperwork and regulations that needed to be navigated. The rebate was an unexpected little bonus that we were able to add some finishing touches to the reno. I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone who is working through a renovation. 10/10

Carolyn L

Six stars out of five! Above excellent - knowledgeable and professional advice and assistance. My application was turned down by the reviewer following several phone calls and copious printed information. The Rebate4U team assured me that my case had serious merit and appealed the original reviewer's decision and my application was accepted.

Philip T

I used Rebate 4 U to retrieve the HST I had paid on a large addition and renovation to my residence. I simply put all my receipts showing I had paid HST in a box and dropped them off at Rebate4U office. We spent about 15 min filling out the forms, discussing the project, and left it in their hands. After about 60 days I had a pleasant call from the GST person to verify some information, and about 30 days later Michael from Rebate 4 U called to tell us the check was in his hands. Simple and easy. Thanks Michael and the R4U team

Bruce M

Excellent. Very professional, very quick response. Have already told several people about this service which is definitely a refund that the government does not advertise. Thank you Rebate 4 U !!!

Sharon M

Hi Michael, this is my second transaction with you. 100% satisfaction with your services. I am coming to see you 2 times in2017. I am and will recommending to my friends and family about your excellent service.

Muya N

Have you ever wondered, or looked at all the paper work, hoping to get back your tax money from the government. That tax money is the money you spent on buying a new home, remodeling your current home. Well let me tell you about Rebate 4U. Here is a company that takes all the worry and frustration out of finding and filing, all that paper work. They send in all your receipts do the paper work, then send you the check. That's all there is to it, simple and worry free. Best of all is the cost to you. The cost is so small that you don't even notice the little bump in the road. What are you waiting for call Rebate 4U today, don't let the government keep your hard earned money.

Gord Nash

This was definitely the most stress free I have ever been in dealing with the CRA. Michael contacted my contractor directly and prepared all of the necessary forms based on this information on my behalf. The process was seamless and all I had to do was wait for CRA to send me the rebate. The cost was negligible in comparison to the amount of time and stress that would have gone into my husband and I preparing this application ourselves.

Michael even assisted me with an unrelated CRA issue that was holding up the delivery of our rebate.

We were very happy with the service.

Jennifer Wagner

I found out about Rebate 4u from my real estate agent. He had attended a seminar which featured Rebate 4u as a guest speaker. When my agent told me about Rebate 4u I thought that it was too good to be true. However, one phone call to Rebate 4u proved that it was exactly as described. A representative came to my home, took away all the necessary paperwork, I received my government cheque in the mail within weeks, and Rebate 4u returned all of my original invoices. Using Rebate 4u was like having your very own cash machine. Thank you Rebate 4u.

Rebate 4U did a great job with my renovation rebate: they took care of the whole process from start to finish and were prompt, efficient and helpful in all my dealings with them. I’d definitely use their services again should the need arise and would recommend them to anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to deal with the tedious process of applying for rebates.
Tim F, Toronto
We had an excellent experience with rebate4u. The staff was professional and always responded to our inquiries in a timely manner. The whole process took about 4 months and, when everything was said and done, we received a cheque for over $10,000.00 that was delivered to our door! We would definitely recommend Rebate4u. Thank you, Rebate4u!

I heard that some condo buyers were going after their HST rebates but when I started to research the whole topic, was unable to get a clear understanding of the rules/regulations (my lawyer was also in the dark about the whole topic). Luckily I came across Rebate 4U while scanning through google and timing-wise was very fortunate as I literally had only one month left to claim my return. They were friendly, helpful + efficient putting the claim in right away and clearing explaining the whole process. I was very pleased with their overall services and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people. Sincerely,

Tanya Mckelvey
In our time of need. Rebate 4 U came to the rescue. Through their expertise and experience they assured us that everything would be okay and then delivered on their promise. Michael and Idan, you guys were great. 10 out of 10 in Customer Service. As a Customer Service Manager for a large corporation for the last 10 years, I truly have to take my hat off to the both of you. You truly provide the exceptional service I have been striving to achieve. I normally don't take the time to do these surveys but, Michael and Idan really came through for us so, I felt compelled to share our positive experience. Thank you!

Found out about rebate4U from a letter that was mailed to me, from you. I met in your office , to find out more about the process that was required. Once I collected all the information you required to process my application, I came to your office again with all my was some time before the application was approved. You did keep in touch with me , to assure me that, although my application was taking longer than normal, it would be approved......and the cheque would arrive. It did....!

Thank you for looking after this for me


As a Real Estate Agent, it is crucial for me to offer Rebate4Us services to my clients - who only deserve the very best service. Every client that has received Rebate4Us professional services and cheques are extremely satisfied. I always look forward to referring


Aaron Gonsenhauser

We are very pleased we used Rebate4U, a professional service provider fully proficient with the ins and outs of a niche, complicated CRA program. Michael took upon himself the entire process and paperwork, kept us informed on a timely basis, all the way to a full and successful rebate from the CRA.


Hi Michael,

Just wanted to thank you again. What a simple and quick process you have developed. I will be sure to refer others your way. Much appreciated and best of luck in the future.


Dear Michael and Idan,

Both Katy and I want to thank you very much for bringing this program to our attention and then following up promptly and professionally with excellent service. The speed of your turn around with our cheque was fantastic! We are obviously very pleased and will be glad to refer Rebate4U to our friends and business associates.​

Katy and Cliff

I came upon a flyer at my door one day saying if you have completed a major renovation you may be entitled to a HST refund. I did a bit of research on the Revenue Canada website and was surprised that this was a legit refund. I looked at the application process and there was a lot of information needed. I did not want to miss any information and this is why I used the experts to give me the maximum refund possible. I am so happy that I used Rebate4u. Right from the beginning the experience was good. I was treated with respect. The whole process was real easy. I just had to gather all my receipts and answer a few simple question from the company. It was well worth it. This is extra money I didn’t even know I was entitled too. I want to thank you for the time you took in complete my application and getting my money for me.

Vera Arsenault

Dear Michael,

When you came to see my wife and I regarding the rebate, it almost seemed to good to be true ! What was the catch ? You painlessly took us through the process and within about 3 weeks we had the cheque in our hands for the amount promised. I have referred you to a number of my friends and clients and will continue doing so. Thanks again for everything.

David and Glynn

Dear Michael,

In hindsight, yours was the perfect flyer. Today, I can say Colin and I are very pleased we called you. Your response was immediate and the delivery of our rebate right on target. A very nice windfall and worth every penny. Sincerely,

Jane and Colin

To be very honest, when I received the first flyer in the mail, I threw it away, without even looking at it. A few weeks later, I got a second one. This time I read it and thought to myself, yea right.... and again it went into the recycling bin.I received a 3rd flyer, and read it again. This time I said to myself, I will call and see if this is for real. So I did. Idan came on the phone and explained everything to me, very professionally. It sounded real. I had nothing to lose. I had recently finished a total renovation of my house and had paid a lot of hst tax.I gathered all my invoices and went the Rebate4u office on Dufferin.That time I met Michael who again told me how this program worked. I signed some papers and left.About 2 weeks ago I got a call from CRA asking me if I wanted my rebate deposited in my bank account directly. I had provided a void cheque, and said : " of course".

Last Friday I got the money deposited in my bank account. In excess of 11K. I am thrilled.If it wasn't because of the persistence of I would have never known about this program.My accountant never told me about it, even though he knew I was doing a massive renovation in my house...

Thank you Idan and Michael. This feels like found money, even though it is an absolute legitimate government program.

Martin Kantor
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