Dear Michael,

When you came to see my wife and I regarding the rebate, it almost seemed to good to be true ! What was the catch ? You painlessly took us through the process and within about 3 weeks we had the cheque in our hands for the amount promised. I have referred you to a number of my friends and clients and will continue doing so. Thanks again for everything.

David and Glynn stars

Dear Michael,

In hindsight, yours was the perfect flyer. Today, I can say Colin and I are very pleased we called you. Your response was immediate and the delivery of our rebate right on target. A very nice windfall and worth every penny. Sincerely,

Jane and Colin stars

To be very honest, when I received the first flyer in the mail, I threw it away, without even looking at it. A few weeks later, I got a second one. This time I read it and thought to myself, yea right.... and again it went into the recycling bin.I received a 3rd flyer, and read it again. This time I said to myself, I will call and see if this is for real. So I did. Idan came on the phone and explained everything to me, very professionally. It sounded real. I had nothing to lose. I had recently finished a total renovation of my house and had paid a lot of hst tax.I gathered all my invoices and went the Rebate4u office on Dufferin.That time I met Michael who again told me how this program worked. I signed some papers and left.About 2 weeks ago I got a call from CRA asking me if I wanted my rebate deposited in my bank account directly. I had provided a void cheque, and said : " of course".

Last Friday I got the money deposited in my bank account. In excess of 11K. I am thrilled.If it wasn't because of the persistence of I would have never known about this program.My accountant never told me about it, even though he knew I was doing a massive renovation in my house...

Thank you Idan and Michael. This feels like found money, even though it is an absolute legitimate government program.

Martin Kantor stars
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