I used Rebate 4 U to retrieve the HST I had paid on a large addition and renovation to my residence. I simply put all my receipts showing I had paid HST in a box and dropped them off at Rebate4U office. We spent about 15 min filling out the forms, discussing the project, and left it in their hands. After about 60 days I had a pleasant call from the GST person to verify some information, and about 30 days later Michael from Rebate 4 U called to tell us the check was in his hands. Simple and easy. Thanks Michael and the R4U team

Bruce M stars

Excellent. Very professional, very quick response. Have already told several people about this service which is definitely a refund that the government does not advertise. Thank you Rebate 4 U !!!

Sharon M stars

Hi Michael, this is my second transaction with you. 100% satisfaction with your services. I am coming to see you 2 times in2017. I am and will recommending to my friends and family about your excellent service.

Muya N stars

Have you ever wondered, or looked at all the paper work, hoping to get back your tax money from the government. That tax money is the money you spent on buying a new home, remodeling your current home. Well let me tell you about Rebate 4U. Here is a company that takes all the worry and frustration out of finding and filing, all that paper work. They send in all your receipts do the paper work, then send you the check. That's all there is to it, simple and worry free. Best of all is the cost to you. The cost is so small that you don't even notice the little bump in the road. What are you waiting for call Rebate 4U today, don't let the government keep your hard earned money.

Gord Nash stars

This was definitely the most stress free I have ever been in dealing with the CRA. Michael contacted my contractor directly and prepared all of the necessary forms based on this information on my behalf. The process was seamless and all I had to do was wait for CRA to send me the rebate. The cost was negligible in comparison to the amount of time and stress that would have gone into my husband and I preparing this application ourselves.

Michael even assisted me with an unrelated CRA issue that was holding up the delivery of our rebate.

We were very happy with the service.

Jennifer Wagner stars

I found out about Rebate 4u from my real estate agent. He had attended a seminar which featured Rebate 4u as a guest speaker. When my agent told me about Rebate 4u I thought that it was too good to be true. However, one phone call to Rebate 4u proved that it was exactly as described. A representative came to my home, took away all the necessary paperwork, I received my government cheque in the mail within weeks, and Rebate 4u returned all of my original invoices. Using Rebate 4u was like having your very own cash machine. Thank you Rebate 4u.

WK stars
Rebate 4U did a great job with my renovation rebate: they took care of the whole process from start to finish and were prompt, efficient and helpful in all my dealings with them. I’d definitely use their services again should the need arise and would recommend them to anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to deal with the tedious process of applying for rebates.
Tim F, Toronto stars
We had an excellent experience with rebate4u. The staff was professional and always responded to our inquiries in a timely manner. The whole process took about 4 months and, when everything was said and done, we received a cheque for over $10,000.00 that was delivered to our door! We would definitely recommend Rebate4u. Thank you, Rebate4u!
T.H stars
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