It was excellent experience. Very professional. Was given 2 options, pay a flat fee 595+tac and they will take care of the paper work and submitting the application for the HST rental rebate or the second option is pay 10% of whatever money you get back. I chose the first option as it was cheaper. Within 6 weeks I got a cheque for the full amount of HST I paid for. I highly recommend Rebate4U service. Thanks again for getting my rebate back.

Omar H stars

After finding out about this rebate from my friend and viewing the youtube video with Pat Foran I contacted Rebates 4u and was very impressed with Michael. He was very straight forward and new exactly what was needed in order to apply for this rebate. I had my rebate cheque in about 4 weeks. I have since forwarded the information about this rebate to my contractor, real estate agent, mortgage broker and any one else who was interested as this is something our government does not willingly tell us about.

Joanne R stars

As it was easy to receive a payment back ,also was the experience in working with you ..Absouletly flawless procedure as long as your paper work is in good order.

Joseph (Jody) R stars

Excellent friendly assistance.You had a tenacity to succeed when many others would have thrown in the towel. Well done and thanks. Will Pitman.

William P stars

Was slightly skeptical,at first, but did some investigating, and found them to be a sound company, and so sent in my receipts, and within a few weeks, was given a very substantial cheque !!!! Was treated very professionally when I did make the initial calls, and they also took the time to ensure I had the documents that were required . Very satisfied, and would definitely recommend this compamy !!

John P stars

You told me that I may qualify for a rebate. I wouldn't have known otherwise. I suppose that you keep track of building permit applications. Good idea. You took care of my file completely and I did get the rebate for which you said I qualified. I felt comfortable dealing with your company, partly because you have a full office for clients to visit and because I felt that my contact was knowledgeable.

Joanne P stars

Please feel free to leave this review anywhere you like. We stumbled across Rebate4U quite by accident after our major house renovations. I will admit to being a huge skeptic, and at first I was worried this might be some kind of scam. Wow, was I ever wrong. The staff were highly professional, and required very little of me other than the receipts I had and to answer a few questions. I was pleasantly surprised to get back the maximum rebate, and at a very reasonable cost. Trying to do this myself would have been terribly daunting once I saw the paperwork and regulations that needed to be navigated. The rebate was an unexpected little bonus that we were able to add some finishing touches to the reno. I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone who is working through a renovation. 10/10

Carolyn L stars

Six stars out of five! Above excellent - knowledgeable and professional advice and assistance. My application was turned down by the reviewer following several phone calls and copious printed information. The Rebate4U team assured me that my case had serious merit and appealed the original reviewer's decision and my application was accepted.

Philip T stars
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