Rebate4U offers new loan service for real estate investors

Rebate4U offers new loan service for real estate investors

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Take some of the stress out of purchasing a rental property with Rebate4U’s new Rental Rebate Loan Service.

Investing your money into property is an expensive venture and the upfront costs can leave you facing a cash flow crunch. Upon a property’s closing, property investors need to pay their downpayment, closing costs and on top of all that, pay HST, if it’s a newly built property. If your property isn’t your principal residence, you are on the hook for an extra bill that could be as high as $30,000 with only one week to deliver the funds to the builder.

Avoid scrambling to come up with the money on short notice with Rebate4U’s new loan program, which will provide you with a cheap option to cover your HST costs. We will help you pay up to $30,000 to your home builder and we’ll also handle your HST rental rebate application on your behalf.

Rebate4U is an expert in obtaining HST rebates for homeowners of a newly built property or a property that has undergone major renovations. If you’ve purchased a newly built condo or house as an investment property, our expertise, knowledge and experience in the rebate process will help you receive the maximum rebate amount you are entitled to from the CRA.

Ensure a smooth transition of your new rental property and avoid any high, short-term lending fees and potential liens on your property by using Rebate4U’s Rental Rebate Loan Service.

Speak to one of our rebate experts at 1-800-610-4510 to learn more.

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