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Rebate Calculator

Please enter the total value of your renovation including tax.

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The Government of Canada created the HST New Housing Rebate program to help homeowners recover up to $16,080. of the HST they paid while building or renovating their homes. Since the program is only retroactive to two years from the date of completion of the renovation or construction, it is important that you will take advantage of this program right away before you will lose your eligibility.
In order to qualify for the rebate you must follow the following  criteria:

  1. The house must be your Principal Residence
  2. The construction must have been done in the past 2 years
  3. You must have either: built a new home, gutted your entire home or built a major addition that doubles the size of your home.

Quick facts about the HST New Housing Rebate

New house HST rebate Ontario

In the province of Ontario, if you paid HST to purchase, build, or substantially renovate a home, then you may be entitled to the provincial New Housing Rebate. The New Housing Rebate is applicable on some of the provincial portion of HST paid.

The HST New Home Rebate allows individuals to recover some of sales tax paid out on a home that is being used as a primary residence, either personally or by a close relation. The rebate is only available to those who meet all of the conditions.

The New Housing Rebate is not available in a co-ownership arrangement, a partnership deal, or when a corporation is involved. Failure to comply with the conditions of the New Housing Rebate may compromise the rebate and require a full refund.

Claiming an HST New Housing Rebate for an owner-built house

  • you must build (or engage someone to build) a house on land that you own or lease
  • you must substantially renovate (or engage someone to renovate) an existing home
  • “substantial” means at least 90% (interior) of an existing home must be removed/replaced
  • you must renovate/build a major addition to your home that doubles the size of the space
  • (adding a porch, sunroom, bedroom, or family room is NOT considered a major addition)
  • you must completely convert a previously non-residential property into a residential home
  • you must purchase a new or substantially renovated mobile home or new floating home

Example of rebate calculation:

Price of Renovations/ Construction: $600,000

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eligible money give back new housing rebate ontario






The definition of a “house” with respect to a New Housing Rebate

When applying for a New Housing Rebate, a “house” may include the following:

  • a detached/semi-detached single family unit
  • a duplex, condominium unit, or townhouse
  • a single unit in a co-op housing corporation
  • a mobile or modular home, or floating home

For the purposes of definition, a “house” may also include any nearby buildings like a garage or shed, and up to ½ hectare of land around.

A “house” may also include a bed and breakfast establishment where the rooms are rented out to the general public (only for the short-term).

NOTE:  In a “bed and breakfast” scenario, more than 50% of the building must be allocated as the primary place of residence to legally qualify.

Understanding the definition of “primary residence”

One of the principle conditions for a New Housing Rebate is that the property must be a primary place of residence for yourself or a close relation. A so-called “primary residence” is a home that you own (even jointly) and intend to live in permanently.

An individual may have more than one place of residence, but only ONE “primary residence”. If the “primary residence” remains outside of Canada, any home in Canada is considered to be a secondary residence and will not qualify for a rebate.

Factors that determine if a home is your “primary residence”

  • if you consider the home to be your main living residence
  • if the residential address appears on personal/public records
  • if the original intent of the home is to be a “primary residence”

A home is NOT a “primary residence” if it will be used some time in the future – like at retirement time. For rebate purposes, a vacation cottage or investment property is also NOT “primary”.

The process of obtaining the rebate includes:

1. Calling Rebate4U at 1-800-610-4510 to verify that you qualify

2. Book a meeting with a rebate specialist.

3. Prepare the following documents for the meeting:

  • All your construction invoices
  • Copy of your home insurance policy
  • Floor plans

4. Receive your maximum rebate.

Rebate4U doesn't charge an upfront fee, the fee structure is based on success therefore the payment is only due after our clients receive their money from the government.

Contact 1-800-610-4510 To Chat With One Of Our Rebate Experts For More Details About This New Service.
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