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What to Do When Asked to Repay an HST Rebate in Ontario

When you first purchase a pre-construction property in Ontario from the builder and tell them that you will be occupying the house or condo as your primary residence, both the HST (harmonized sales tax) and the HST rebate are worked into the cost by the builder. In many cases, buyers are unaware that the HST […]

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What to Do About HST Rebates When Planning a Demolition

If you want a brand new home in the exact same location as your old home, you might find yourself considering tearing it down and starting fresh. When you design and build a brand new home in Ontario on land that you own, you can recover a portion of the costs with the new home […]

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How to Collect an HST Rebate when You Purchase on Assignment?

When you’re purchasing a new condo or new home, HST rebate programs offered in Canada can help you recover some costs. When buyers purchase a new home or condo on assignment or as an investment property, they will need to apply for the new housing rebate independently of the builder to recover HST costs through […]

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Properties that Don’t Quality for the New Home Rebate

The Ontario New Home HST Rebate or the HST Rebate on Home Renovations is tax rebate available through Canada Revenue Agency where eligible property owners who have built a new home or have undergone a substantial renovation to their home can recover a portion of their HST spend. There are many requirements that determine whether […]

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Is Your Common-Law Partner Eligible for The Ontario New Home Rebate

Like many rebate programs offered by the CRA, the Ontario New Home HST Rebate can sometimes be confusing for the average new homeowner. However, once secured, the rebate has the potential to be quite significant and can offset some of the costs of new homeownership. Property owners hiring contractors to build a new home from […]

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Give The Gift of a Home Renovation With the Ontario HST Rebate

If you’ve been saving up to renovate your home for some time now: dreaming of new layouts, furnishings, and designs, now might be the time. For those who qualify, the Ontario HST Rebate on New Condo or Home can help the remodel fit within your budget. If you’re unsure whether your renovations are eligible, the […]

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Damaged Home? Rebuild Your Property with the HST Rebate in Ontario

If your home has been subject to fire or extreme damage from debris or even tornados, you may be left considering demolishing or gutting the property and rebuilding a new home on that property to make it habitable again. In Ontario, if you’ve recently completed a major renovation or rebuild, you may be eligible for […]

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How to Get the Ontario HST Rebate When Renting

Did you know that the Ontario HST Rebate is available for newly built property even if you’re planning on turning them into rental properties. If you qualify,  HST Rebate on new condos and newly built homes is a great opportunity for property buyers to make up some of the costs spent on your purchase. To […]

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