Is Your Common-Law Partner Eligible for The Ontario New Home Rebate

Is Your Common-Law Partner Eligible for The Ontario New Home Rebate

Like many rebate programs offered by the CRA, the Ontario New Home HST Rebate can sometimes be confusing for the average new homeowner. However, once secured, the rebate has the potential to be quite significant and can offset some of the costs of new homeownership. Property owners hiring contractors to build a new home from scratch can apply for the Ontario New Home HST rebate. If they are substantially remodelling an existing property, they can receive money back by using the HST rebate on home renovations.

Property owners must meet specific eligibility requirements to successfully apply for either of these Ontario HST rebates. One of the most important criteria is that the home must be the primary residence of the applicant or an immediate family member. For many families and owners looking to apply for this rebate, sorting out who is permitted to be a primary residence can get confusing. As a result, it can be helpful to work with the team at Rebate4U.

Principal Residence

ontario new home hst rebateWith the HST rebate on home renovations, the newly built or renovated home must be registered as the principal residence of the rebate applicant. To confirm residency, the name and address of the applicant must appear on public records. Also, the applicant must be the first to live in the home.

Who Else Can Live In The Home?

The rebate applicant or an immediate family member can occupy the primary residence. This would include the typical immediate blood relatives of the applicant, specifically children, but would also have legal relatives such as adoptive children, spouses, even a common-law partner. Canada Revenue Agency must be satisfied that the home is a primary residence.

Are You a Common Law Partner?

Canada Revenue Agency defines a common-law partner as someone you are not married to but have a conjugal relationship with. To be considered common law, you must meet one of three defined criteria. The first is that you’ve been in a conjugal relationship for at least 12 months. This includes any period of separation of 90 days or less. The second scenario is that your common-law partner is the parent of your shared child biologically or by adoption. The third is that your partner has custody of your child, who is under 19 years old, and your child depends on them entirely for support.

Who is Eligible for the Rebate?

An applicant must have built a brand-new home on previously owned land for both home rebates. Or the applicant must have renovated an existing home interior substantially. Or the applicant must have constructed a major addition to a home to double the size of the space.

Other Eligibility Requirements

Rebate applications can be confusing, and the process with CRA can be frustrating. To begin with, applicants must be fully eligible. As well, an application must be to a specific HST rebate. Paperwork must be filed within the time deadline. Finally, HST must be paid in full before asking for a rebate.

Ontario New Home HST Rebate Application Requirements

CRA requires applicants to supply accurate application paperwork in addition to all supporting invoices. HST rebate applicants must keep invoices and other supporting documents for six years. As it is, CRA can always request clarification and additional paperwork for the claim.

Working with the professionals at Rebate4U

The rebate professionals at Rebate4U provide clients throughout Ontario with a full-service approach to HST rebate applications. Our team of experts streamlines the process from end to end, ensuring a stress-free rebate application, particularly for first-time property buyers.

Schedule a call with the rebate experts at Rebate4U today to get your application started.

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