How to File Your New Home HST Rebate

How to File Your New Home HST Rebate

If in the last few years, you have bought a newly constructed house, you could be eligible for the New Home HST Rebate in Ontario. As long as the requirements for eligibility have been satisfied, this rebate is available to homeowners through the Canada Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

To be eligible for this rebate, the applicant must have purchased a new house directly from a homebuilder OR personally built a new residential home. By any definition, the new home must be self-occupied by the applicant as the primary residence.

Applying for this HST Rebate in Ontario

When applying for this HST rebate, applicants must provide a formal application, in addition to the supporting documents required by CRA. While all the paperwork can be prepared personally, applicants sometimes find it quite valuable to work alongside a rebate specialist.

Supporting documents will account for all the expenses related to the purchase of the home. Most importantly, CRA usually requires proof of occupancy to show that the new property is the principal residence of the applicant. Applications must be within 2 years of closing.

Calculating the New Home HST Rebate

Canada Revenue Agency has certain calculation requirements for determining a rebate. For homes priced between a certain amount, there is a sliding scale – and this rebate could be sizeable. If the rebate process gets difficult, there is value in working with a rebate specialist. Rebate4U can help you define the size of your rebate.

At Rebate4U, in-house specialists provide applicants with a streamlined approach when submitting their rebate applications. For a quick look at a specific rebate, we have an online calculator on our website that can estimate your HST rebate based on the actual purchase price of the property.

Working with a Tax Rebate Professional

With an HST rebate, applicants must assemble numerous supporting documents like contracts, invoices, and much more. In some cases, CRA insists on proof of occupancy to verify the “primary residence.” Supporting rebate documents must be kept for six years.

It’s not surprising that things can often get complicated when working with Canada Revenue Agency. When applicants find the process overly frustrating, it can be valuable to work with rebate specialists who can ensure the complete and timely submission of paperwork.

At Rebate4U, our tax specialists have many years of experience dealing with CRA. And in some cases, we deal directly with specific departments. Applicants who find the overall rebate process complicated and frustrating can count on the experienced team members at Rebate4U.

When Applying for the HST Rebate in Ontario the Professionals at Rebate4U Deliver Results 

For some rebate applicants, and particularly first-time homebuyers, the HST rebate process with Canada Revenue Agency can be a challenge. At Rebate4U, our team of rebate professionals helps applicants properly prepare their documents and submit a completed application.

We make sure that all supporting documents are in place, and we make sure that the application is submitted by the required deadline. Rebate4U offers services to property buyers in the GTA and throughout Ontario.

Find out more by calling one of our experts or sending us a message online.

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