Who Can Apply for the Rental Property HST Rebate in Ontario

Who Can Apply for the Rental Property HST Rebate in Ontario

If you’ve purchased a newly built home (or condo) during the last two years, you could be eligible to apply for the HST rebate on a rental properties. This rebate is commonly known as the New Residential Rental Property Rebate.

While most homeowners in Ontario know about the HST rebate that’s offered on a principal residence, many aren’t aware of the rebate that is being offered to homeowners who intend to use their property entirely as a rental property.

To claim this HST rebate in Ontario (the New Residential Rental Property Rebate), the owner must supply the following documents in addition to the application form:

  • a copy of the original agreement of purchase/sale
  • a copy of the final closing statement of adjustments
  • a copy of the lease agreement (at least one year)

If you need help compiling the right documentation and filling out an application the tax specialists at Rebate4U can help you accurately apply for the HST rebate on a rental property.

Eligibility for the HST rebate on a rental property

If you’ve purchased a newly built home or condominium and intend to operate the property as an investment property, Rebate4U can help you apply for the Residential Rental Property Rebate.

For any HST rebate in Ontario guidelines and eligibility requirements can get confusing, even frustrating, this where it can be particularly valuable for new property buyers to work with a Rebate4U. From determining HST eligibility to submitting the application, we help home purchasers with a streamlined process. We submit everything on time and monitor for any issues that may arise.

At Rebate4, our experienced staff works with you to attain the maximum rebate possible. We answer your questions along the way and work tirelessly to ensure a smooth application process.

Guidelines according to Canada Revenue Agency

When applying for the HST Residential Rental Property Rebate, investors and landlords should note that the rebate is offered by Canada Revenue Agency, as such it follows strict rules. The application process could take some time, so it’s essential to file the rebate application immediately after closing the deal.

Like many rebate offers, particularly with the CRA, rules and regulations can be confusing – and late filing can actually jeopardize a rebate cheque. This is why working with Rebate4 can be so valuable – we streamline the process and make every effort to provide a stress-free experience.

Working With the Experts at Rebate4U

At Rebate4U, in-house rebate experts provide clients with professional service when dealing with the various HST rebate programs. Our team has years of experience and expertise dealing with CRA, and we often have direct contact with government departments.

Working with Rebate4U, clients across Ontario are assured of a rebate application process that is complete and always submitted on time. We manage the entire process from start to finish – we begin with the application and follow through until the rebate cheque.

Rebate4U is particularly valuable for first-time property owners and landlords who find the CRA process challenging to navigate. We submit your application, we assist in assembling the supporting documents, and we handle problems that might arise with CRA.

Contact Rebate4U directly to start your Ontario HST Rebate today.

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