HST Real Estate Rebates From CRA Can Often Be Complicated

HST Real Estate Rebates From CRA Can Often Be Complicated

When it comes to HST real estate rebates from Canada Revenue Agency, things can get quite complicated. In principal, HST rebates are available when purchasing a new home; when doing a major renovation; or when investing in a rental property. With all of the rules and regulations, the rebate process can be complicated for the average property owner. Here, there’s great value in contracting rebate specialists like Rebate4U who can navigate the ins and outs of rebates.

“Most people aren’t even aware that the HST real estate rebate exists,” explains Michael Beallor, cofounder of Rebate4U. “And although the rebates only cover a portion of the total HST you may have spent, a $30,000 is not uncommon.” At Rebate4U, in-house rebate experts help property owners to obtain their HST rebates, whether it’s a principal home purchase, a major renovation, or an investment property. For many, this rebate expertise and experience can be valuable.

Many rules and regulations with HST real estate rebates

Like other government programs, there are very specific guidelines for securing an HST real estate rebate. There are renovation guidelines, investment property guidelines, and property purchase guidelines – all of which have to be followed. Mistakes and oversights with the actual application can compromise the entire claim. With Rebate4U, all of the paper work is done on your behalf; everything is submitted according to deadlines; and any appeals are handled in the event that a claim denied. The point is, things can get complicated with CRA, and often stressful.

With HST rebates, the technicalities are fundamental

With HST rebates, there are various opportunities for property owners – purchasing a new home or condo; building or renovating a principal home; or buying a property that will be rented out. In every case, it’s fundamental to keep paperwork in good order, like contracts, invoices, receipts, and even photos. These will confirm how much HST was paid out on a specific real estate project.

For Taylor Kaye of Toronto, an HST rebate for a home renovation could have been lost without the help of Rebate4U. “Because we were doing a major renovation (the home was gutted), there were specific guidelines associated with the rebate”, explains Taylor. “The team at Rebate4U was able to help us assemble all of our backup paperwork and submit a fully completed application.”

While Taylor’s renovation project is unique, the fundamentals of the HST rebate remain the same. Applicants are required to accommodate CRA guidelines and provide proper verification. In some cases, the process can get complicated (even for a seasoned real estate investor) and here the experts at Rebate4U can provide the added expertise. Oftentimes, HST rebates can be substantial.

View the full interview with Taylor Kaye and Rebate4U here.

The benefits of hiring rebate specialists like Rebate4U

Whether you’re applying for an HST rebate for New Housing or a Residential Rental Property, rebate experts like Rebate4U can help you to secure the highest possible amount. In house tax experts have extensive experience with Canada Revenue Agency and are able to navigate the rebate process with efficiency.

Best of all, our people provide you with professional service from start to finish – in fact, you won’t even pay for our services until your rebate cheque is received. If you’re buying, renovating, or investing, your best bet for securing an HST rebate is to deal with the experts. Find out more by calling 1-800-610-4510.

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