How to Recover New Home Costs with the HST Rebate in Ontario

How to Recover New Home Costs with the HST Rebate in Ontario

Building a new home or doing a wide-scale remodel is often one of the most significant purchases that we make in our lifetime. A new or remodelled home is a costly endeavour and a substantial financial responsibility from the time investment, materials, and labour. So, recovering some of the investment dollars can be a welcome outcome. As such, many homeowners can actually recover significant cash with the New Home HST Rebate.

The HST rebate in Ontario (on new homes) allows a homeowner to recoup a portion of the HST paid for a newly-built or renovated home. To qualify, claimants must meet specific guidelines from CRA (the Canada Revenue Agency). They must reside in the new home as the principal resident. Claimants must provide supporting paperwork to the CRA.

Eligibility for the New Home HST Rebate

construction of new homeTo be eligible for this rebate, an applicant must have constructed a new home or significantly renovated an existing home either by hiring a builder or by self-contracting. The new home must be the primary residence. For CRA, applicants must submit the required application form, supporting legal documents, and related financial paperwork. Often, applicants can benefit from working alongside a rebate specialist.

When submitting supporting paperwork, CRA will require ownership documents, construction invoices, and they may even request insurance policies. Because the new home must be a primary residence for claimants, the Canada Revenue Agency requires proof from the owner-applicant (or a close direct relative). Applications must be submitted during the first two years after a purchase has closed.

Additional Requirements for the Rebate

When applying for this specific HST rebate in Ontario, only original invoices and documents are accepted by CRA. All of the paperwork must be in the name of the homeowner (or co-owner). When defining the “principal residence,” the applicant’s name and residence address must be registered on public and personal records. The CRA allows for an “immediate” family relative to be considered a co-owner of the property. An “immediate” relative would be defined as a family relation by either formal marriage, common-law relationship, or official adoption.

Working Alongside a Rebate Specialist

With the Canada Revenue Agency, all the rules and regulations associated with an HST application can be frustrating and even stressful. Applicants who find the process overwhelming or are new to the process can benefit by working alongside an HST rebate specialist. This is particularly true for first-time homebuyers. At Rebate4U, our in-house HST rebate specialists can provide a complete service for recovering all types of HST rebates. The process is streamlined, all the paperwork is correctly prepared for CRA, and everything is submitted within the required deadline period.

Choosing the Professionals at Rebate4U

At Rebate4U, in-house professionals provide clients throughout Ontario with personal service, and we always ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our people are highly skilled with HST tax rebates, preparing all of the required documents, submitting the completed application, and providing a smooth process.

Most importantly, we make sure that every application is completed accurately and submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency by the required deadline.

Homebuyers in the Greater Toronto Area (and throughout the province of Ontario) can find out more by sending us a message online or calling our toll-free line today.


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