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When is the best time to renovate your property in Toronto?

A home renovation is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner in Toronto. The housing market continues to remain strong, and a decision to renovate your property can provide a fantastic return on your investment. Some of the highest value types of renovations, like a kitchen or a bathroom, can be […]

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Rebate4U offers new loan service for real estate investors

Take some of the stress out of purchasing a rental property with Rebate4U’s new Rental Rebate Loan Service. Investing your money into property is an expensive venture and the upfront costs can leave you facing a cash flow crunch. Upon a property’s closing, property investors need to pay their downpayment, closing costs and on top […]

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British Columbia cancels its HST housing rebate

Homeowners of a newly built or substantially renovated home in British Columbia are no longer able to apply for the provincial portion of the HST rebate. The government cut the program in April and only those who have done extensive renovations or bought a newly built home with a closing date between July 2012 and […]

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When do I have to file for an HST rebate?

With potential to claim back $42,500 in HST housing rebates from the CRA (depending on where you live), it’s a deadline you don’t want to miss. But if you’re just getting wind of the HST rebate party, you might be worried it’s too late to qualify or you might think you’ve missed the deadline since […]

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What is considered a major renovation?

One way to qualify for an HST rebate is to have a substantially renovated home, whether it’s a detached or semi-detached house, townhouse or condo or bed and breakfast (as long as more than 50 per cent of the space is used as the owner’s home.) But one common question we always get is: How […]

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Who is on your home’s title may affect your HST rebate

If you’re buying a newly built property to live in, be aware of who you put on your property’s title because it will affect your eligibility for an HST rebate. If you share the title with someone who is not your immediate family (spouse, children, parents or siblings), and is not living with you, no […]

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Understanding Ontario’s HST New Housing Rebate

With the Ontario New Housing Rebate, there’s much to understand and much that can be confusing. That’s why homebuyers have so many questions when purchasing either a new home or a pre-construction condominium. Depending on what you’re purchasing, Ontario’s New Housing HST Rebate can be quite substantial. The trick is to understand the basic principles […]

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The HST New Housing Rebate When You Build Your Own Home

Whether you’re buying a new home, or building a new home, Ontario’s HST New Housing Rebate can be helpful in diminishing the financial stress and strain. The HST New Housing Rebate was created in an effort to help new homeowners with ever-rising costs. This rebate program runs through CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) and takes about […]

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