Guide to Being a Landlord in Ontario

Guide to Being a Landlord in Ontario

hst rebate in ontarioIn today’s explosive real estate environment, it’s no wonder that many investors are showing an interest in becoming landlords and owning a viable rental income property. While it all looks easy on the surface, there’s much to consider and much to learn.

For instance, there are significant benefits when investors apply for an HST rebate in Ontario and especially for the New Residential Rental Property Rebate. From a financial perspective, rebates can provide some welcome relief on high investment dollars.

Some Things to Consider

Real estate investing is one thing – being a landlord is another. In Ontario, there are strict laws governing landlord-tenant relations, and there are often ups and downs in that relationship.

Yes, there are many challenges in being a landlord but there also great rewards. Even the basics require serious consideration – like down payments, interest rates, and overhead costs.

Before purchasing an investment property, and managing the rental “business”, it’s important to appreciate all of the complexities along with the responsibilities that relate to a landlord.

A Step-by-Step Assessment

In considering an investment property, the initial decision steps are critical in order to make the most astute judgments. Whatever the type of real estate property, the basics are common.

Down Payment

The down payment is the biggest financial commitment. As such, it’s important to consider the size of a down payment and the implications of that financial load on potential future earnings.

Interest Rates

Typically, investors pay more mortgage interest on an investment property when compared to a residential property. Interest rates depend directly on credit scores and the personal finance picture.

Good Margins

Doing the homework in advance avoids the possibility of a losing proposition. All expenses must be considered. Surprise costs must be addressed. And rental income must be extrapolated.

Good Location

Location is crucial to real estate. A good property, with good rental prospects, will have access to transport, close to shopping, and nearby to schools. Good amenities ensure more success.

Tax Rebates

An investor can realize significant tax breaks when applying for an HST rebate in Ontario. In fact, the New Residential Rental Property Rebate can provide much needed additional cash flow.

Rebate4U Offers Tax Rebate Expertise for Ontario Investors

For property investors throughout Ontario, Rebate4U offers professional services for all types of provincial HST rebates, including the New Residential Rental Property Rebate. We handle the entire application process – from filing the paperwork to assembling the supporting documents, to submitting everything by the deadline. We also handle any problem issues that come up.

With an HST rebate in Ontario, Rebate4U helps clients to determine their eligibility and then plot an action plan for realizing the biggest rebate possible. Whatever the type of rental property, our experienced rebate specialists can assure a streamlined application process with less stress. After all, dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency can often be challenging and frustrating.

Find out more about Rebat4U by contacting one of our tax professionals at 1-800-610-4510 or visiting our company website at

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