How to Apply for the Ontario HST Rebate on a Substantially Renovated Home

How to Apply for the Ontario HST Rebate on a Substantially Renovated Home

Homeowners applying for an HST Rebate in Ontario may qualify for an HST Rebate on home renovations. This is a specific rebate for applicants who have completed a “substantial renovation” on their home, added a “major addition” to their home, or converted a non-residential home into a residential home.

calculate ontario hst rebate on substantially renovated home“Substantial renovations” are defined by Canada Revenue Agency. A substantially renovated home will have had at least 90% of the interior removed and then replaced. With this kind of extensive renovation, the home is considered a “new home.” It is therefore entitled to receive the HST Rebate on home renovations.

The rebate is based on a prescribed calculation based on the HST paid on labour, building materials, and sub-contractors. A homeowner would not be eligible for this rebate if there is a partnership deal in place or a co-ownership arrangement. An applicant must make the rebate claim within two years of completion.


HST Rebate on Home Renovations

Canada Revenue Agency is precise when defining the requirements for a substantial renovation. While there are several pre-requisites when applying for this HST Rebate in Ontario, CRA does require that 90% or more of the existing building be renovated. This refers to the interior of the building).

Canada Revenue Agency will accept most reasonable calculations when determining whether a particular building has been “substantially renovated” or not. Some standard calculation methods follow:

  • square footage of renovated space compared to the total square footage of the building
  • total renovated floor/wall space compared to total floor/wall space of an existing building
  • number of rooms completely renovated compared to the total number of existing rooms

Working with a Professional has Advantages

With Canada Revenue Agency, paperwork is always a challenge and can often be frustrating. When working with a rebate professional, the entire process is streamlined and stress-free. The whole application process is managed for clients from end to end – and without any errors.

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Rebate4U has years of experience dealing directly with the Canada Revenue Agency. And we’ve got the expertise to deal with issues and problems that arise. For rebate applicants who might find the whole process complicated, problematic, and frustrating, Rebate4U might be the solution.

For An HST Rebate in Ontario, Count on the team at Rebate4U

When it comes to HST rebate applications, many people (both first-timers and veterans) may experience a challenging process. At Rebate4U, our professional rebate team makes sure that everything is well prepared, adequately supported, and submitted by the deadline.

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