Why Choose a Tax Specialist When Applying for Ontario New Home Rebate?

Why Choose a Tax Specialist When Applying for Ontario New Home Rebate?

The Ontario New Home HST Rebate provides an opportunity for new home buyers to recover some of the taxes paid on their newly built home (or on a substantial renovation). The rebate is available directly from Canada Revenue Agency, although the rebate (including the HST Rebate on home renovations) is simpler and smoother when working with a tax rebate specialist.

To qualify for the HST rebate, applicants must have built a brand-new home either by self-contracting or hiring a builder to construct a house on their land. The applicant must occupy the new home as the primary residence. It’s also possible to apply for the HST rebate when a home is “substantially” renovated (CRA has specific guidelines for the definition of a “substantially renovated home”).

home renovation blue print and keys Eligibility Requirements For Ontario New Home HST Rebate

CRA has numerous requirements for the Ontario New Home HST rebate applicants. Along with the formal application, legal and financial documents must be supplied to support the claim. As well, everything must be submitted within a 2-year deadline window. When working with a rebate professional from Rebate4U, applicants can rest assured that all eligibility requirements are satisfied and submitted by the deadline.

Paperwork Submitted Accurately

With the Canada Revenue Agency, submissions can sometimes get complicated and even frustrating. With a seasoned tax rebate professional on hand, all paperwork is prepared accurately, all supporting documents are included, and the application is submitted, ready to be processed. This is especially valuable to new homeowners who may lack the experience. The team at Rebate4U will guide you through the process to minimize your stress and hassle.

Maximizing Your Rebate Amount

With tax experts like Rebate4U, new homeowners are assured of receiving the maximum Ontario New Home Rebate and HST Rebate on Home Renovations possible. Our team understands the nuances of an application and often has direct contact with CRA. In the event of any outstanding issues, Rebate4U works on behalf of clients to resolve those issues, making for a stress-free experience from beginning to end.

Maintaining Timelines/Deadlines For HST Rebate on Renovations

Because CRA has specific timelines for HST rebate applications, there is also a specific deadline when applying for a “new home” rebate or a “substantial renovation” rebate. Once a closing date has been assigned (or when renovation work has been completed), applicants have two years to submit paperwork. With Rebate4u, everything is submitted on time and without any loose ends.

The Convenience of Full Service

When working with rebate professionals like Rebate4U, homeowners are offered a streamlined process that is completely stress-free. For some, dealing with CRA can be overwhelming and frustrating, so it can be advantageous to hand over the workload. These services are undoubtedly valuable to new homeowners but can be equally beneficial to more experienced property owners.

When Applying for HST Rebates in Ontario Trust The Tax Professionals at Rebate4U

Property owners applying for the Ontario New Home HST Rebate (or for an HST Rebate on home renovations) can rely on Rebate4U for a complete service package. This includes the preparation of all supporting documents, submission of the application, and ensuring a smooth application process. Services are available to property owners throughout southern Ontario.

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