Home Renovations That Qualify For an HST Rebate

Home Renovations That Qualify For an HST Rebate

Renovating a home can be costly, particularly when it’s a major renovation. But luckily, there are government incentives that allow for some costs to be recovered through rebates of HST tax. For homeowners who plan on doing substantial renovations, or for those who plan to add space to an existing home, there may be eligibility to acquire a government HST Renovation Tax Rebate.

When doing a large-scale reno, or when adding valuable living space to a family home, the HST rebate can be a welcome bonus. And when applying, the HST Renovation Tax Rebate can be filed up to 2 years after the work has been completed. With entitlements that could realistically reach $16,000 in rebates, it’s worthwhile to make every effort to acquire the maximum amount.

The problem, like other government-funded programs, is figuring out how to properly apply, and how to acquire the most rebate money possible. At Rebate4U, in-house experts help homeowners to claim and collect HST rebates. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for an average homeowner to understand what CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) requires with regards to supporting a claim.

When dealing with Rebate4U, there are no upfront fees – fees are paid only when the homeowner receives a rebate. Best of all, the team at Rebate4U does it all – preparing supporting documents and paperwork; doing all of the legwork for the claimant; and ensuring that the maximum rebate amount is acquired for the homeowner. In short, Rebate4U streamlines the entire process.
Homeowners can actually claim HST rebates on their own, but dealing with CRA can be annoying from time to time, and stressful at other times. As well, depending on the scope of work and type of renovation, there may be unique circumstances. This is where Rebate4U can be most helpful – they have relations with CRA; they know the system; and they understand the ins and outs.

There are a number of home renovation projects that Rebate4U can process. All qualify in some way for a rebate, although the work must have been executed within two years of the application.

  • Building a brand new home
  • Substantially renovating a home
  • Substantially renovating a condo
  • Making a major addition to a home
  • Converting non-residential into a home
  • Contracting someone to perform the above

In doing all of the legwork on behalf of the homeowner, Rebate4U provides clients with the most professional service possible. The team offers homeowner clients a level of personal service that is designed to deliver 100% satisfaction. While striving for the highest rebate amount possible, clients do not pay anything upfront, and only pay Rebate4U when they receive their cheque.

Whatever the scope of renovations, clients can feel confident that they are in capable hands with Rebate4U. The in-house team is highly skilled and experienced with tax rebates in general, and with HST refunds in particular. For the homeowner, the process is stress free – Rebate4U takes on the administrative work and any troubleshooting, and keeps focus on the largest rebate.

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