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Landlords are responsible for emergency repairs and more

Many people see owning another property as a way to earn extra income, which they can put towards the property’s mortgage or their plans for retirement. But there are many aspects of being a landlord they may not be aware of. Landlords cover any expenses related to ensuring the home complies with health, safety, housing […]

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How to choose a builder for your home

If you’re looking to buy a preconstruction home, the process is slightly different than buying resale. You’ll have the floor plans to help you decide whether the home’s layout is suitable for your needs and by visiting the builder’s sales centre they can walk you through more details of what the finished product should look […]

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What could hurt your real estate’s value?

For many people, investing in a home involves putting their life savings into the long term investment. There are various mid-range and upscale home renovations you can do to enjoy your home more and increase its value, there are some elements that are beyond your control that will affect your home’s value. An unfortunate event […]

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British Columbia cancels its HST housing rebate

Homeowners of a newly built or substantially renovated home in British Columbia are no longer able to apply for the provincial portion of the HST rebate. The government cut the program in April and only those who have done extensive renovations or bought a newly built home with a closing date between July 2012 and […]

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Ontario residents eye detached houses

The majority of home shoppers in Ontario looking to buy within two years are looking for a detached house. According to the Ontario Home Ownership Index, 28 per cent of Ontarians are looking to enter the housing market and of them, 59 per cent are shopping for a detached home. The next popular choice is […]

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When do you expect to be mortgage free?

When you make the decision to enter the real estate market, chances are that you’ll need to take out a mortgage to afford calling your house or condo home. Canadians expect they’ll be 58 years old before they’re mortgage free, which is one year older than the average expectation last year, according to a recent […]

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Recovering Some of the Investment on Your New Home

The Ontario New Home HST Rebate allows homeowners to recoup thousands of dollars that were paid out on HST for a new-built home. This rebate would be especially attractive for homeowners who are experiencing financial constraints during COVID-19. To qualify for the Ontario New Home HST Rebate, claimants must meet certain criteria. To begin with, […]

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HST New Housing Rebate on Pre-construction Homes

Homebuyers considering the purchase of a pre-construction property (or newly built property) are sometimes confused about the HST rebate in Ontario as well as the HST Rebate on home renovations. Because of the confusion, there are myriad questions that arise.  Who actually pays the HST on a new home? How is the HST rebate in […]

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