A Large-Scale Home Renovation Can Qualify for an HST Rebate

A Large-Scale Home Renovation Can Qualify for an HST Rebate

Canada Revenue Agency provides a definition for a large-scale home renovation that qualifies for an HST rebate. The definition outlines the eligibility requirements for those who wish to claim an HST rebate. In addition to a large-scale home renovation, there are also definitions provided for different types of residential buildings, and for buildings that are being converted into residential use. Like other government rebate programs, there are time deadlines, paperwork applications, and various administrative considerations.

A large-scale home renovation constitutes significant renovation work on an existing home. To begin with, only the owner of the property may claim the HST rebate, regardless of how the renovation work is expedited or contracted. For the property owner, terms like “major addition”, or “substantial renovation”, or “large-scale” home renovation are critical in determining the eligibility for an HST rebate. However, whatever the definition terminology, CRA offers a number of methods to determine applicant eligibility.

Canada Revenue Agency allows rebate applicants to juxtapose the total square footage of the newly renovated space with the total square footage of the overall space. With this comparison, renovation work that’s less than 90% doesn’t meet the HST rebate requirements. Another appraisal approach is to compare the number of newly renovated rooms in a residence with the total number of rooms. Here again, the renovation work must be at least 90%. CRA expects a fair and reasonable calculation from applicants.

With a large-scale home renovation, it’s obligatory for a claimant to present supporting paperwork and documentation to satisfy all CRA pre-requisites. This is a critical element, mainly because a poorly prepared application (or missing paperwork) can jeopardize the claim. Even worse, an already approved HST rebate can be rescinded by CRA when the application is deemed incorrect. Clearly, the rebate process can sometimes get complicated, which is why a rebate expert may be a valuable asset to have.

At Rebate4U, HST rebate experts have been helping property owners to obtain real estate rebates of all kinds. The team at Rebate4U has longstanding expertise, and particular experience dealing with the officials at Canada Revenue Agency. Rebate4U makes every effort to acquire the highest rebate amount possible for every client. And the team can administer all types of HST rebates, as long as they fall within the 2-year deadline period. Over the years, Rebate4U has filed for millions of rebate dollars for all types of clients.

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