Is Your Renovation Enough for the Ontario New Home Rebate

Is Your Renovation Enough for the Ontario New Home Rebate

If you are planning a home renovation of your primary residence, you might be eligible for money back from the government through the Ontario New Home HST Rebate. The government rebate program, offered via Canada Revenue Agency, allows homeowners building a new home or renovating their home to get a portion of the amount spent on HST back. If you own a home that is being renovated or has been renovated recently, you may be eligible for the HST rebate on home renovations.

Read on to find out if your home project qualified for the Ontario HST rebate.

Eligibility Requirements for HST Rebate

hst rebate on home renovationsWhen building or renovating your home, your property must meet a few standard requirements to qualify for the HST rebate on home renovations.

To successfully apply for an HST rebate in Ontario, your application must be submitted within 2 years of completing your renovation. The home must serve as your primary residence (not a rental or vacation home) for at least a year following the renovation. And your renovation must be significant enough to be considered a new home.

Renovation Requirements for the HST Rebate

The Ontario New Home HST Rebate applies to newly built, self-contracted homes and significant home renovations that account for at least 90% of the property. If you’re gutting the property or building a major addition, your property may be eligible.

If you’re not sure whether your renovation plans meet the 90% threshold for the Ontario HST rebate, schedule an appointment with a specialist at Rebate4U. Our team of experts has over 10 years of experience helping homeowners across Ontario apply for rebates.

What You Need for Your Rebate Application

You’ll need to provide documentation with your rebate application to recover some of the 13% spent on new home renovations with the HST Rebate on New Homes. This includes ownership documents, insurance policies, floor plans, and invoices. These documents will be submitted with your application to the Canada Revenue Agency supporting your claim that the newly renovated home will be your primary residence and confirm that you were charged HST by vendors and all your other construction expenses.

Streamlining Your Rebate Application

Submitting any type of application to the Canada Revenue Agency can be anxiety-inducing and stressful. If you’re entitled to a rebate from the government and want to ensure your application is accurate, Rebate4U can help. We will help you accurately assess your eligibility for the rebate, collect the appropriate documentation, and submit your application within the required timeframe.

If you’ve already submitted your application on your own and are concerned about mistakes, we can help there too! We understand how to best communicate with the Canada Revenue Agency, correct application mistakes, and generate stress-free solutions.

Set a Meeting with Rebate4U

Ready to start your HST Rebate application for home renovations? Set a meeting with the Rebate4U team. Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of Ontarians recover millions of dollars in rebates, and we’ll help you maximize yours. At Rebate4U, assessing your rebate eligibility is free.

Call us to start now.

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