How Will Your HST Rebate be Affected If Your Renovations Were Delayed? 

How Will Your HST Rebate be Affected If Your Renovations Were Delayed? 

The last year or two have been incredibly frustrating for anyone trying to get home improvements going, mainly because of the delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay-at-home orders and non-essential workers have made it difficult to start a home renovation, never mind completing one.

Renovation delays and interruptions are also posing problems for homeowners who want to recover paid taxes through the Ontario New Home HST Rebate. This is particularly true for the HST Rebate on home renovations. If you want to apply but have experienced delays to your renovations, read on to clear up confusion about how the guidelines for the rebate relate to you.

Is your renovation eligible?

renovation blue print costsTo claim an HST Rebate for a home renovation, Canada Revenue Agency has eligibility requirements that must be satisfied. The requirements are well defined and must be fully satisfied, or the claim will be rejected. Application paperwork and supporting documents must substantiate the renovation.

  • You must “substantially” renovate your house as a primary residence
  • You must convert a non-residential property into a residential property
  • You must construct a major addition on an existing residential home

Substantial Renovation

A “substantial” renovation requires almost the entire interior space to be cleared and renovated.

Major Addition

A major addition would essentially create a “new home” (a complete second floor would qualify).

Property Conversion

A non-residential property must be converted to a residential property (used as a primary residence).

Applying for the HST Rebate

Like many other rebate programs, applicants must provide a completed application and supporting documents, including original invoice copies. As the newly renovated home must be occupied as a primary residence, proof of occupancy may be required by CRA. Applicants must keep all of the paperwork and pertinent documents for at least six years. Statements, estimates, and the like are not suitable when applying for an HST rebate.

How Long is the Process?

From start to finish, an HST Rebate application takes between 2 and 6 months to be processed. Because the property must be the applicant’s primary residence, the address must appear on personal and public records. With all the rules, applicants often find it beneficial to deal with a tax rebate expert.

What if Renovations Have Been Delayed?

The rebate application must be filed with Canada Revenue Agency within 2 years of completing the renovation. Since what matters is when your home renovation or remodel is completed. So disruptions that stopped work in the middle of the process should not affect your eligibility.

Working with Professionals

Those who are not entirely sure about the rules, regulations, and general eligibility can significantly benefit from dealing with a professional tax rebate expert. At Rebate4U, for example, in-house experts manage the entire HST rebate application from end to end.

When it comes to the Ontario New Home HST rebate, and especially the HST Rebate on home renovations, Rebate4U provides clients with the most personal and professional attention. Our aim is to ensure that each of our clients is always 100% satisfied.

At Rebate4U, clients are assured of a streamlined HST rebate process from a team of highly skilled tax rebate experts.

For rebate support services in the GTA and throughout Ontario, call us directly or send us a message online

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