How to Choose a Specialist to Help with Your Ontario HST Rebate

How to Choose a Specialist to Help with Your Ontario HST Rebate

There are a few situations in which you might find yourself looking to apply for one of the two Ontario HST Rebates. You’re likely applying to get money back on a newly built or renovated home, or you could also apply for an HST rebate on a new condo. Either way, the HST rebate program is a lucrative opportunity, enabling many property owners across the province to put thousands of dollars back into their pockets.

Essentially, every purchase in Ontario is taxed an additional 13% which is HST or Harmonized Sales Tax. When buying, building, or renovating a new home, the government offers to return a portion of this tax to the owner. In many cases, this rebate is substantial. Unfortunately, confusion about the terms, eligibility and application can discourage qualified property owners from applying. But it doesn’t have to be daunting when you work with a rebate specialist you trust, like Rebate4U. Our team will even help you find out if you and your property are eligible for an Ontario HST rebate without charge.

Here are some tips for finding a rebate specialist for your application.


Ontario hst rebate specialistWhen it comes to taxes and government rebate programs, experience counts a great deal. Because with experience comes expertise and a thorough understanding of the program even as it evolves and changes. The Rebate4U team has been helping property owners successfully apply for the HST rebate on new condos and home renovations for more than 10 years.

Success Rate

The purpose of submitting an application for the Ontario HST Rebate is to get a significant return back from the government. You’ll also want to maximize that rebate amount based on your eligibility. At Rebate4U, we’ve helped hundreds of Ontarians successfully apply for one of the HST rebate programs in Ontario. Overall the total amount that we have helped property owners generate exceeds $120 million since 2013. When you choose our team, we’ll help you gather the correct information to get the most back from your application.

Organized & Well-Informed

The best way to apply for any government rebate, including the HST Rebate on home renovations and new condos, is to be organized and keep copies of all your documents. Choosing a rebate specialist in Ontario to guide you throughout your application will be well-informed about the eligibility requirements so you can feel confident knowing what information to collect, including invoices and statements to best support your application process.


Unsurprisingly, there is a time limit when a property owner can submit their HST rebate application to Canada’s Revenue Agency for consideration. Being aware of deadlines and staying on task, you can trust that, even in a tight pinch or a short time frame, your specialists at Rebate4U will help you get your application put together and sent to the CRA quickly.

Correct Mistakes

Sometimes property owners will try to apply for the HST Rebate on their own without the support of an advisor or rebate specialist. This can lead to application errors, sometimes as small as an incorrect detail or birthday, or in other cases, as significant as applying for the wrong rebate. If you receive a letter in the mail from the CRA, that could be understandably frightening, but Rebate4U can help.

To learn more about applying for an Ontario HST Rebate with Rebate4U, contact us today.

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