6 Sure Signs that Your Home is in Need of Remodeling

6 Sure Signs that Your Home is in Need of Remodeling

Big house or small, many homeowners are motivated to make physical changes to their home environment. Whether it’s a basic remodel, or a more involved renovation, questions often come up about the GST HST Housing Rebate (also known as the Ontario New Home GST HST Rebate).

As personal living conditions change over time, a home needs to be upgraded, remodeled, or even renovated. And while everyone’s needs are different, there are certainly some common signs that your home needs remodeling or renovating. The important this is to do it all for the right reasons.

Too much wasted space

Wasted space is one of the best reasons to make changes. The changes are practical and sensible particularly when considering long-term needs. The benefits make for a worthwhile investment.

Updating the bathroom

Whether the bathroom is looking old, or really needs an upgrade, remodeling can be as simple as updating plumbing fixtures or as complex as a total reno. Either way, the redo can be dramatic.

Outside façade painting

The outside façade of any home takes a beating from season to season. Eventually, it will come time to “renovate” the façade. This could involve re-painting, re-siding, or re-applying stucco.

Leaking roof and attic

Water damage to the roof and/or attic will require proper repair and possible reconstruction. It may involve shingle replacement, re-installation of flashings, and worse – full roof replacement.

Old and outdated home

Remodeling can do wonders to an old and outdated home. The overall aim is to modernize the living environment – and often the kitchen and washrooms tend to be the focus of attention.

Electric system retrofits

Sometimes, updating light fixtures is the answer when remodeling. At other times, it might be necessary to retrofit the entire electrical system, from the electrical panel to installed wiring.

Home remodeling and the GST HST Housing Rebate

With the Ontario New Home GST HST Rebate, it’s important for homeowners to understand the difference between remodeling, renovating, and retrofitting. Essentially, the rebate program is designed to recover up to $16,080 of HST tax paid when renovating a home. Rebates are available through Canada Revenue Agency, and homeowners are required to fully satisfy specific criteria.

  • the home in question must be occupied as a “principal residence”
  • all construction work must be completed within the past 2 years
  • the entire home must have been gutted based on CRA definitions
  • a major addition must have been built (to double the house size)
  • a completely newly built home is also eligible for the HST rebate Ontario

Rebate4U helps homeowners with the Ontario New Home GST HST Rebate

Homeowners applying for a GST HST Housing Rebate can rely on Rebate4U for professional tax rebate services. Our intention is to secure the highest possible rebate on every CRA application.

With Rebate4U on the case, homeowners can be sure of a streamlined application process – with paperwork that is appropriately prepared – and applications submitted according to deadline.

During COVID-19, Rebate4U is still open for business, and serving customers across Ontario.

Our staff works remotely, while providing the same high standard of service as always. Find out more about our services by calling 1-800-610-4510 or visiting our website at .

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