Give The Gift of a Home Renovation With the Ontario HST Rebate

Give The Gift of a Home Renovation With the Ontario HST Rebate

If you’ve been saving up to renovate your home for some time now: dreaming of new layouts, furnishings, and designs, now might be the time. For those who qualify, the Ontario HST Rebate on New Condo or Home can help the remodel fit within your budget. If you’re unsure whether your renovations are eligible, the Rebate4U team can help.

The Ontario HST Rebate allows you to recover some of the HST paid out when undertaking a “substantial” renovation of your home. The rebate is available to home or condo owners who are building a brand-new home or are making a “substantial” renovation to an existing home. The good news is that the final refund from the Canada Revenue Agency can be significant.

To qualify for the rebate, the property must be the primary residence of the applicant (or an immediate close relative). On application, Canada Revenue Agency requires supporting documents to be supplied. More importantly, rebate applications must be filed within two years. In the case of a renovation, it’s advisable to file paperwork immediately to ensure a prompt refund. If you need assistance with your Ontario HST Rebate application, the team at Rebate4U is always available to assist you.

The Ontario HST Rebate on a home renovation

Ontario HST rebate on renovationsTo claim the HST Rebate on a renovation, a property owner must undertake what the CRA considers a “substantial” renovation or a “major addition” to an existing home – it must constitute a “new” home.

Substantial Renovation

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, a “substantial” renovation is where the home’s interior is completely cleared and renovated. The CRA uses the 90% test on the application – which means that a minimum of 90% of the home’s interior must be redone. The basement and attic are not considered part of the interior unless that space is being converted into a “liveable space.”

If You Don’t Qualify For an Ontario HST Rebate

If you’re investing in constructing or renovating a new property but aren’t quite sure how you fit into the HST rebate on condos or renovations. Don’t count yourself out just yet. Talk to the professionals at Rebate4U, and our team of experts will help find the Ontario HST Rebate that fits you best.

Applying for the HST rebate with Rebate4u

Applying for any HST rebate directly from Canada Revenue Agency is often challenging. For many, the application process can be complicated and sometimes frustrating. In Toronto and throughout Ontario, Rebate4U helps clients apply for their HST rebate and secure the maximum rebate amount possible.

Our team of rebate specialists has many years of experience dealing with the CRA. They understand the rules and regulations associated with each rebate application and will often contact CRA. Working with Rebate4U, clients receive a full-service approach, with all supporting documents supplied to CRA within the deadline period. We ensure that the entire process is properly in place, and we troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the application process.

Call us to find how much you could be getting back with an Ontario HST rebate.

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