How to Get Organized for Your HST Rebate Application

How to Get Organized for Your HST Rebate Application

The New Home HST Rebate, or the HST Rebate on Home Renovations, is an attractive opportunity for property owners who are planning to remodel their home with a significant renovation or build a completely new home from scratch on land that they already own. The New Home HST Rebate program offered by Canada Revenue Agency gives eligible property owners a portion of the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) back that they spent on construction.

To successfully apply for the new home HST rebate or the HST rebate on renovations, a property owner must ensure they qualify, have the proper documentation, and submit their application within the appropriate time period.

If you are unfamiliar with the HST Rebate Programs in Ontario, reach out to the specialists at Rebate4U. Our team of experts has years of helping property owners across Ontario secure the maximum rebate.

Here are some tips to prepare for your application.

​​Does Your Property Qualify?

HST rebate on home renovationsTo apply for the HST rebate on home renovations or a newly built home on land you own, you will need to self-contract, hire a builder or contractor for the renovations or construction of your newly built home. There are two ways to qualify for this rebate. Either you must substantially renovate your property, by gutting it and redoing at least 90% of the interior (this could include a major addition to the property) or tear it down completely and build a completely new home from the ground up.

Who Will Be Living at the New House?

The HST rebate on new homes and significant home renovation only applies to those occupying the primary residence. In this case, the primary residence includes the applicant.

Documentation You Need to Provide

When applying for an HST Rebate in Ontario, you must provide evidence that supports your application. Invoices, plans, and permits will support your claim to a rebate. Plans and permits will show the extent of your renovations to ensure that they are significant enough to qualify for the program. In addition, invoices will confirm that applicants were, in fact, charged HST at the time of construction.

Timeline of Application

Upon completing your newly built home and renovations, you have two years to submit an application to receive your HST rebate.

Applying with Rebate4U

If you, nor your immediate family, will be using the property as your primary residence and instead decide to rent the property out, you can apply for a different HST rebate: the new residential rental property rebate. In addition to HST rebate on newly built homes, home renovations, and the new residential rental property rebate, we also specialize in reassessments and appeals.

For those just starting to learn about the HST rebates available in Ontario, reach out to a professional for insight, assistance, and guidance. For over 10 years, the team at Rebate4U has equipped property owners with the advice they need to successfully apply for HST rebates in Ontario. With expertise and experience, our specialists can streamline applications and CRA communication to maximize your rebate.

To get started today, reach out to Rebate4U for a consultation.

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