How to Find the Right HST Rebate Professionals

How to Find the Right HST Rebate Professionals

HST real estate rebates are governed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and like many of the government agencies, there’s bureaucracy to deal with. For some, this could mean dealing with confusing paperwork, countless phone calls, and plenty of “back-and-forth”. Even with patience, it’s a time consuming process, and can often be a lengthy one. Additionally, CRA adjusts their guidelines from time to time, while increasing scrutiny over incoming rebate applications.

For the average homeowner trying to secure an HST real estate rebate, it can be worthwhile to seek the professional services of a rebate specialist. The experienced companies have processed thousands of HST applications on behalf of clients, and have secured literally millions of dollars. Another advantage of a rebate specialist is that CRA has already recognized the relationship, and has developed a sense of trust over the years. This actually sets the stage for good outcomes.

Because rebate professionals understand the ins and outs, HST rebate applications are approved quicker, and for the maximum amount allowable. For new homes or renovated homes (including condos), rebate experts can offer a streamlined process for their clients, and without additional stress when dealing with government bureaucracy. This in itself could be of great benefit to a client who has neither the time nor the patience to go through the process from start to finish.

The best rebate companies have highly skilled tax specialists on staff, with specific experience in HST real estate rebates. Essentially, they manage the entire process from end to end – right from the administration and paperwork, to monitoring the claim over time, to ensuring the maximum refund amount possible. With good service people, clients are kept in the loop during the process and are kept informed as to the progress. It’s simply about maintaining customer satisfaction.

For those opting to do business with an HST rebate firm, it’s absolutely critical to choose a firm that is upfront and transparent in their dealings. This is not a good time for superficial promises or guarantees. Oftentimes, there is a substantial amount of money involved, and anything short of full integrity could create problems with CRA. Doing it wrong could result in failed relations with CRA for years to come, not the mention delays, penalties, and even fines for the applicant.

While many HST real estate rebates are straightforward, there are always situations with special circumstances that need professional handling. HST rebate experts understand the complexities of real estate, and deal with challenging scenarios far better than the average homeowner. This would include new home construction, major renovations, even additions to an existing home. And with thousands of dollars at stake, expertise can go a long way when securing a rebate.

Many people aren’t even aware of HST real estate rebates. It’s just another good reason to work with a professional. A good firm will educate clients on all of the possibilities, and will expedite the application process all under one roof. Best of all, a reputable firm will only take commission when the homeowner has actually received their rebate cheque from the government.

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