Do Investment Properties Qualify for The New Housing HST Rebate in Ontario?

Do Investment Properties Qualify for The New Housing HST Rebate in Ontario?

Property buyers, both experienced and novice, are often confused about the new housing rebate when they purchase an investment property in Ontario. If you’re about to close on a property purchase and not quite sure about renting it out, flipping it, or moving in, it pays to understand the ins and outs of the new housing rebate.

There are two primary HST Rebates in Ontario available to property owners, each with different requirements. Investors, who will not be registering their home as their primary place of residence, should apply for the New Residential Rental Rebate. In fact, the monetary benefits of this rebate could be substantial – up to $30K depending on the purchase price.

Applying for an HST rebate in Ontario with Canada Revenue Agency independently can be understandably complicated and stressful. Whether you are trying to determine which new housing rebate is suitable for your case or concerned about filling out an accurate application, it’s helpful for property owners to work directly with the tax rebate specialists at Rebate4U. Our in-house experts handle applications from start to finish, ensure timely submission, and strive for a maximum rebate.

What Units Can Be Considered for The New Residential Rental Rebate?

hst rebate OntarioAccording to the CRA, there are various eligibility criteria the unit must meet to qualify for the rebate, including determining whether the property is a self-contained residential unit.

  • Is it a residential unit: a detached, semi-detached, condo, mobile home, or floating home?
  • Is it a self-contained unit: contains a private kitchen, living, and bath areas?

If you are not sure whether your investment property fits the New Residential Rental Rebate eligibility, the team at Rebate4U is available to guide you. We will provide a streamlined approach, deal with all the paperwork, and assure a quick timeline immediately after the closing date (all within four to six weeks).

The New Residential Rental Property Rebate (NRRP)

The New Residential Rental Property Rebate applies when a property owner signs a one-year lease with a tenant. This is integral when qualifying for the rebate, amongst other eligibility requisites. While the NRRP Rebate is offered provincially, Canada Revenue Agency provides the actual rebate amount. And as long as all eligibility requirements are satisfied, the rebate should be forthcoming.

The Benefits of Working with the Team at Rebate4U

At Rebate4U, our in-house experts help all types of property owners to obtain the maximum HST rebate that you are entitled to, whether you are applying for a principal home residence or an investment property.

For some applicants, especially first-time property owners, dealing with Canada Revenue Agency can be a challenge. With Rebate4U, our team streamlines the process by properly preparing all application documents and submitting everything by the deadline date.

Rebate4U can be a valuable partner for both experienced and novice property buyers. For those in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario, the experts at Rebate4U make every effort to attain the highest rebate amount within the CRA guidelines.

Call us today to schedule an appointment at Rebate4U.

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