Do I Qualify For the HST New Housing Rebate?

Do I Qualify For the HST New Housing Rebate?

The Ontario New Home HST Rebate allows home buyers to recover a part of HST that was paid on either a new home or a home that was substantially renovated. The regulations for claiming the HST tax are defined by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

While not every homebuyer is eligible for the Ontario New Housing Rebate, it’s important to know who qualifies and how to apply for the rebate. Although every real estate purchase is different, CRA guidelines apply to all, and deadlines must be observed.

For some, the process of submitting a rebate application can be a challenge. There is paperwork to deal with – qualifying regulations to understand – and documentation to provide. It may be a good time to work alongside a professional rebate company.

Qualifying for the Ontario New Home HST Rebate

To qualify for a rebate, the homebuyer (or a direct relative) must reside in the property as their “primary place of residence”. As well, the home buyer (or direct relative) must be the first resident of the property. There are several important guidelines outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency in order to qualify for the Ontario New Home HST Rebate.

  • You must purchase a new home, build a new home, or substantially renovate an existing home.
  • When purchasing shares in CO-OP housing, the unit purchased must be the primary residence.
  • A newly constructed home or a substantially renovated home must be the primary residence.

According to the CRA, “primary place of residence” is considered the main living residence of the applicant. In fact, the address of the property must appear on the applicant’s personal records, as well as driving license, realty taxes, and proof of residency may be required on the application.

When applying for the Ontario New Housing Rebate, supporting paperwork must be submitted. This includes contracts, invoices, and other related documents. Applicants must also show that the seller didn’t charge HST. Sometimes, CRA will require proof of occupancy in the property.

With HST rebates, applicants should retain all of their documents for six years. Documents must be in the name of the primary applicant (or co-owners). It’s not appropriate to submit statements, cost estimates, or price quotes. Here again, it can be quite valuable to work with a rebate expert. 

Working With the Tax Rebate Professionals at Rebate4U 

Serving customers throughout Ontario, Rebate4U provides professional services for homebuyers who are applying for the Ontario New Home HST Rebate. Our people have years of experience with HST rebates and have regular contact with the Canada Revenue Agency.

When working with Rebate4U clients are assured of a rebate application that’s properly prepared. We do it all – we submit the entire application; we assemble the supporting documentation; we submit everything on the deadline; and we take care of associated problems.

During COVID-19, Rebate4U continues to provide regular service, with much of our team working remotely. We are providing the same excellent level of service, but under safe conditions. Find out more about the Ontario New Housing Rebate by contacting one of our tax experts at 1-800-610-4510 or visiting our company website at .

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