Avoiding Mistakes with Your Ontario HST Rebate Application

Avoiding Mistakes with Your Ontario HST Rebate Application

Homeowners applying for an Ontario HST rebate can benefit from a cash refund that’s based on the HST paid out on their property purchase. In Ontario, the HST rebate (and the HST rebate on a new condo) are offered if you have built a new home or condo. As long as eligibility has been confirmed, Canada Revenue Agency processes your claim with the rebate amount.

While there are various eligibility requirements for a Ontario HST rebate, applicants must have paid HST on a newly built or renovated home. That new home must be the primary residence of the applicant. Needless to say, with all of the paperwork involved and all of the supporting documents required, there’s always a chance for inadvertent application mistakes.

The Problem with Making Mistakes

Ontario HST RebateUnfortunately, making a mistake on your Ontario HST rebate application can be costly. And while securing the maximum HST refund is rewarding, it requires meeting all the criteria and submitting the proper documentation. With the Canada Revenue Agency, the process can sometimes get confusing. The problem with a mistake is that the CRA might reject an otherwise suitable application.

Just by example, things can get complicated if a new property isn’t the primary residence of the applicant. If the property is intended as a rental property or investment property, there are many different application requirements. This is where a tax rebate professional from Rebate4U is an asset, having the experience and expertise to assess the application and ensure that everything is on track.

Typical Application Mistakes

Real estate transactions are complicated by nature, and HST rebate applications can simply add complexity to the process. But since an HST rebate on a new condo or home can amount to a significant sum, it can be advantageous to work with a rebate professional during the application process to ensure that some of the more common mistakes are avoided.

As you apply for an Ontario HST Rebate, look out for these mistakes:

  • filing an application for the wrong rebate
  • not paying for HST yet filing for a rebate
  • administrative and/or processing errors
  • filing outside the required time deadline

Working With a Rebate Professional

An experienced tax rebate professional will ensure a streamlined application process for your HST new home rebate (including the HST rebate on a new condo). All of the contracts, invoices, and various legal documents are prepared accurately and in a timely manner.

At Rebate4U, in-house tax specialists have many years of hands-on experience working with the CRA. For homeowners who find the rebate process complicated and even stressful, Rebate4U takes on the application process from end to end until a cheque is received.

Don’t stress out – contact Rebate4u

For some HST rebate applicants, especially first-time homeowners with little experience, dealing directly with Canada Revenue Agency can be challenging. But working with Rebate4U, in-house professionals properly prepare all the required documents and submit the complete application.

Importantly, Rebate4U makes sure that your rebate application is submitted in a timely manner according to the CRA deadline. Property buyers in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario can rely on the team at Rebate4U to attain the highest possible HST rebate amount.

Call us today to start your accurate Ontario HST rebate application.

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