5 Things First Time Homebuyers Should Know About The New Home HST Rebate

5 Things First Time Homebuyers Should Know About The New Home HST Rebate

Buying your first home is a huge event and an equally huge undertaking. There are financial considerations, legal responsibilities, and even that dreaded moving experience. The good news is for homebuyers who have purchased a newly built home. They could qualify for the New Home HST Rebate.

The New Home HST Rebate is offered by the Canada Revenue Agency. To qualify, an applicant must purchase a new home from a builder OR build a brand new home. The newly built home has to be the primary residence of the applicant. As it is, CRA has many application rules and regulations. If you’re a new home buyer, here are 5 things you should know about the HST rebate in Ontario.

1. How the HST rebate works

first time home buyer keyThe new housing HST rebate allows homeowners to recover some of the HST they paid on a new home. The home must be the primary residence of the owner (or a close relative). CRA requires proof that the home will be the principal residence of the owner-applicant. With HST rebates, the application must be submitted in the first two years after the purchase closing.

2. Applying for the HST rebate

An HST rebate application must include all of the supporting documents required by CRA. Only original invoices (and legal documents) are acceptable. These must be in the name of the owner applicant (or the co-owners). Work estimates or account statements aren’t suitable. Once again, with all of the documentation, it may be valuable to work with a rebate expert.

3. Eligibility for the HST rebate

Eligibility for the HST rebate is based on several criteria. Applicants must submit their application directly to CRA along with supporting legal and financial documents. While there are different categories for applying, new homeowners can benefit from working with a tax rebate specialist.

  • you may have purchased a newly built home in the past two years
  • OR you may have hired a building contractor to build a new house
  • OR you may have purchased shares in a CO-OP housing complex

4. Defining principal residence

When applying for the HST rebate, the new home must be designated as the principal residence of the applicant. Names and addresses must be formally registered on public and personal records. An “immediate” relative can also be considered as the property owner. An “immediate” family relative is defined as a relation by marriage, common-law, or adoption.

5. Working with a professional

With the Canada Revenue Agency, application rules and regulations can be overwhelming and often stressful. For applicants who find the process frustrating it can be of benefit to work with a rebate professional. At Rebate4U, in-house rebate specialists provide a streamlined process for rebate applications. This service is especially beneficial for first time homebuyers.

If You’re Applying for an HST Rebate in Ontario The Tax Professionals at Rebate4U Can Help.

For those applying for an HST Rebate in Ontario, Rebate4U prepares documents, submits the application, and ensures a smooth process from start to finish. We make sure that everything is submitted by the deadline date.

Homebuyers in the GTA and throughout Ontario can find out more by calling the experts at Rebate4U or sending us a message online.

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