Good Reasons to Buy an Investment Property Right Now

Good Reasons to Buy an Investment Property Right Now

Many middle-agers are asking themselves whether their money is working hard enough. This is because today’s typical investment portfolio generates little return on investment compared with the good old days. Unless that investment portfolio is prepared to take on some risk, the returns are basically lackluster. Many believe that real estate investments are different – they present a viable way to generate return on investment that can be measurable and significant.
There will always be debate about where best to invest, but real estate investments do provide worthwhile answers to the big question of return and risk. Timing is primary when considering a real estate purchase, and there will be times when this type of investment is not wise. However, the climate right now is ideal – many believe it’s the very best time to buy real estate for the next decade and beyond. For those who understand, real estate is a long-term commitment.

Low interest rates are clearly one of the better reasons for investing in real estate. And today, interest rates are rock bottom. Low rates translate into low monthly payments, and the outlook is for those low rates to remain. There are benefits to both fixed rate mortgages and variable rate.

With a solid financial profile, a good income stream, and a respectable credit score, getting a good mortgage with reasonable terms is doable. It means that an investment property can be managed comfortably and reliably, with little risk, and with adequate backup to absorb a rough patch.

While its true that some pockets of real estate are already beyond reach for some, it’s possible to find a great deal. This is purely a matter of shopping around, doing the necessary homework, and making short-term sacrifices for longer-term returns. Smart shopping delivers smart deals.

Even shopping around is much easier today. With the Internet at hand, research and exploration is made easy. Searching for a property is simplified – comparisons are easy to make – and number crunching is as easy as uploading the relevant numbers into an online mortgage calculator.

Thanks again to technology, purchasing a property and closing the deal is very much streamlined. Most everything is done online today – from checking out neighbourhoods, to incoming/outgoing online payments, to choosing and screening potential tenants once it’s time to move in.

To be sure, an investment in real estate is one of the better ways to achieve financial security and independence. And by any measure, the sooner one gets into the market, the sooner one becomes part of the market. The only proviso is that real estate takes time, and patience is critical.

Real estate investing is no longer relegated to the so-called “experts”. The Internet is totally full of valuable information, research material, and answers to important questions. It means that the small real estate investor has a place in the market, with the potential for good returns.

Today, up-and-coming real estate investors can take advantage of various government incentives, renovation grants, and even HST Rebates. This is an ideal opportunity to reduce investment costs while benefitting from various inducements designed to promote real estate investment.

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