How a home addition can get you an HST rebate

How a home addition can get you an HST rebate

You’ve been living in your current home for a few years now, but recently, something just didn’t feel right. It could have been that the last dinner party you hosted had you feeling a little too stressed out and overwhelmed with so many guests packed into your dining room. Perhaps you want to purchase a larger sectional couch, but it just won’t seem to fit. Maybe you want a south-facing room to relax and enjoy some more natural light, but the layout of your home simply won’t allow for that. What do these scenarios all have in common? They’re all clear signs that you need more room in your home, and instead of buying a new house, you can put an addition on your home. A home addition is a great investment and alternative to upgrading your square footage without the large investment and hassle of buying an entirely new home. Home additions come in many shapes and sizes: you can build out, up, or even down.

The least expensive type of home addition is building out. This can be the addition of a specialty room like a sunroom or a study, or you can even be very practical and add in a separate suite specifically designed for renting out to tenants, AirBnB clients, or housing your in-laws. The addition could also be used as a reading room, playroom for children, or a space for entertaining guests. While building out is the cheapest way to add an addition to your home, you also need to have the lot-space to do so. One thing to keep in mind is that the exterior material for an out addition should be an identical match to the one currently used on your home, except with a specialty addition like a sun room. Be sure that the material is still available at your building supplies store, otherwise the addition may stick out like a sore thumb.

Building up or down are also great home addition options in case you’re pressed for lot space, and they can add a whole other dimension to your home. Plus, many buyers may only be interested in a home if it has an upstairs, so a larger investment to build up for your addition can be worth it when it comes time to sell.

While a home addition is more expensive than a simple renovation, the good news is that you may be eligible for a significant tax rebate for your addition. A company like Rebate4U can evaluate your home addition and work to get you your rebate while you worry about perfecting the final touches to your new home addition. An application typically takes 4-16 weeks from submission to the provision of a rebate, and if the cost of your addition is large enough, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $16,080. Not a bad return for your investment, and you haven’t even sold your home yet!

Rebate4U is composed of real estate experts who are fluent in tax rebate programs provided by the provincial and federal government, and they will provide exceptional value for dollar service. What’s best is that there is no upfront fee; a charge is only assessed once a rebate is secured. The professionals at Rebate4U will take care of the addition on paper while you take care of the addition to your home. If you’re considering a home addition, or if you’ve completed one in the past two years, contact Rebate4U today to see if you are eligible for a hassle-free rebate as a reward for the work you’ve put into your home.

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