Green renovations: Save energy and water in your bathroom

Green renovations: Save energy and water in your bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in our house and if you’re planning a renovation, there are ways you can make your bathroom green, which will pay off in energy and water savings in the long run.

If you’re making structural changes to your bathroom, it’s a good time to take a peek in your bathroom’s insulation and drywall to see if any changes need to be made. If you plan to retain your current drywall, adding extra insulation will lower your energy costs and improve your insulation levels by 40 per cent.

If you plan to remove your drywall, consider installing more efficient insulation to control the room’s temperature and moisture. Also, ensuring your windows are well-insulated and sealed will keep heat from leaking out.

For your flooring, there are many green options available. You can choose to purchase flooring that’s made or manufactured locally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and you can use an underlay, such as cement board, to protect the room from moisture damage. When installing new flooring, install it under your bathtub, shower or sink cabinet to handle moisture, but to also allow for easy installation of other bathroom elements in the future.

If you’re sensitive to any pollutants, choose flooring that’s low in pollutant emissions, which lets you enjoy your bathroom while reducing your ecological footprint. Carefully choose your paint, finish and sealant and look for options that are don’t have strong odours. Consider using paints that are plant- or mineral-based, plasters made from natural clay or lime or water-based wood finishes.

One way to cut water use in your home is with dual-flush or ultra-low flush toilets or low-flow faucets or showerheads. To ensure that the product works efficiently, check to see if the product has a WaterSense label. Ensure your hot and cold water pipes are well insulated and consider adding a water heat recovery system to your shower to cut down heating costs.

Have your bathroom look good longer by preventing condensation build up. Flexible ducts ensure proper airflow in your bathroom and exhaust fans with low noise ratings are quieter and more energy-efficient. Some fans come with additional features, such as timers, humidity sensors and automatic controls to avoid wasting energy. Also, countertops with integrated backsplashes do a better job of moisture protection since there’s no joint between the two elements (and it’s easier to clean).

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