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A property’s past could come back to haunt you

If you live in a city with a hot housing market, any property that’s being sold at a reasonable price could catch your eye. While you may want to jump on offering a bid before it’s scooped up, take some time to research the property before doing so since there may be more than meets […]

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What cities boast the best rental markets for investors?

For many Canadians, real estate is a great place to park their savings since in some cases, the monthly rent can cover the cost of a mortgage. Location is key when renting out a place and the city’s vacancy rates and average monthly rents may factor into your decision on where to buy. A city […]

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What is a ‘renoviction’?

Many people likely haven’t heard the term before, but it’s a phenomenon that’ s becoming more common in British Columbia. A renoviction blends renovation and eviction together and some see it as a way to evict tenants who are paying rent below market values. In the west coast, there’s been outrage expressed by tenants who’ve […]

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What is tenant insurance?

When you invest in a property, one of your key concerns is making sure you find the right tenant to rent it out to. Going through the process of meeting up with prospective tenants, running criminal and credit checks and talking with the tenant’s references are an important part of getting to know the person […]

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What’s a bridge loan?

With Canada’s competitive real estate market, homebuyers are constantly on the prowl for a property gem that could either be their next home or an income property that can pay off in the long run. If you’re someone who’s selling your property while you’re looking, whether you’re upgrading from a starter home or downsizing from […]

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Are new purpose built rental buildings coming?

Concern has been expressed about an oversupply of new condos being built in some Canadian markets, but condominiums may no longer flood the housing market with developers exploring the possibility of building purpose built rental apartments. With the cost of housing becoming unaffordable for some Canadians, renting may be their only living option, which has […]

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Ways to Reinvest Your HST Residential Rental Property Rebate

The New Residential Rental Property Rebate (also known as the NRRP Rebate) is made available to landlords and property owners who meet the guidelines specified by Canada Revenue Agency. The NRRP Rebate is available only to property owners who have paid the HST on a property purchased to be used as a residential rental property. […]

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How the HST Housing Rebate Can Help You Own a Home

If you’re planning to build a new house, or planning to make substantial renovations on an existing house, you could qualify for Ontario’s HST housing rebate. You’ll need to comply with CRA rules and regulations and provide all of the supporting paperwork for the rebate claim. In addition to owner-built homes, the HST housing rebate […]

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