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Housing affordability remained the same thanks to regional trends

Housing affordability improved in some cities during the first quarter of 2015, but it was offset by rising unaffordability in other cities. The national affordability of three types of housing (condominium apartments, two-storey bungalows and detached bungalows) saw little change, according to RBC’s recent Housing Trend and Affordability report. Owning a condo became more affordable […]

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Canadians see a buyer’s market on the horizon

It’ been a seller’s housing market for some time, but more Canadians (36 per cent from 33 per cent last year) expect this year will be a buyer’s market. Almost half of Canadians (49 per cent) said it makes sense to buy with the majority of Canadians (37 per cent) believing the housing market is […]

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Many condo owners buy properties to live in

If you thought many condo owners only buy the property as an investment or buy them to flip them, a recent CMHC survey says otherwise. The second annual Condominium Owners Survey found that among condo owners in Toronto and Vancouver, 83.8 per cent of those surveyed said they own a condo that they live in. […]

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Toronto and Vancouver housing markets see a busy May

Canada’s hottest housing markets continue to see a busy spring with both the Toronto and Vancouver markets showing no signs of slowing down. In May, there were 11,706 sales in Toronto, which is a 6.3 per cent jump from the year before, with sales up for all types of housing, according to the Toronto Real […]

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Low mortgage rates you see advertised aren’t everything you think they are

If you’ve considered taking a dive into the housing market, chances are that you’ve seen the media headlines over the past few months that showed financial institutions dropping their advertised mortgage rates to record lows. Last month, Ontario’s largest credit union, Meridian, caused a kerfuffle when it announced a 1.49 per cent fixed rate mortgage […]

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Shipping container homes tackle Canada’s lack of housing supply

Shipping containers that once sat in junkyards have been given new life as they’re used as the building blocks for homes across Canada. In Canada’s competitive housing market, shipping containers are being used to help offset the lack of supply in some markets and improve affordability by using inexpensive materials. In Vancouver, non-profit Atira Women’s […]

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Ways to Reinvest Your HST Residential Rental Property Rebate

The New Residential Rental Property Rebate (also known as the NRRP Rebate) is made available to landlords and property owners who meet the guidelines specified by Canada Revenue Agency. The NRRP Rebate is available only to property owners who have paid the HST on a property purchased to be used as a residential rental property. […]

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How the HST Housing Rebate Can Help You Own a Home

If you’re planning to build a new house, or planning to make substantial renovations on an existing house, you could qualify for Ontario’s HST housing rebate. You’ll need to comply with CRA rules and regulations and provide all of the supporting paperwork for the rebate claim. In addition to owner-built homes, the HST housing rebate […]

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