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Real estate industry being shaken up

With Canada’s hot housing market over the last few years, more real estate agents have entered the marketplace for a piece of the action. In the country’s largest local real estate association, the Toronto Real Estate Board, they boast a membership of more than 40,000 people, which is a 29 per cent leap in membership […]

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Buying a Toronto home in the suburbs may end up being more expensive

When deciding what house you want to buy, housing affordability plays a key factor in your decision since it affects the type of house you purchase, along with where you decide to purchase. Toronto’s housing market is one that’s closely watched by economists and housing experts with prices climbing over the past few years. Along […]

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What types of townhouses are out there?

If you’re looking for a property that strikes a balance between a house and a condo, a townhouse might be the option you’re looking for. There are many different types of townhouses available and knowing the difference and which type you want will make a difference in your homebuying experience. Traditional townhouse The classic townhouse […]

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What you need to know about co-buying property

Every time we hear about home prices, it seems as if they just keep going up. Many first-time homebuyers have probably cringed while hearing about the current state of Canada’s real estate market and while more and more future homeowners are relying more on mom and dad and other family members to pitch in money […]

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Would you help your child buy their first home?

With the price of homes rising for the last few years, jobs for young adults harder to come by and the price tag of education on an upward track, it’s no surprise that more and more parents are shouldering some of the burden when their child buys their first home. A recent survey by the […]

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What could you have done differently when buying a home?

Regret. It’s a common sentiment that can eat away at you after you’ve made a decision. While you hope that it isn’t something you encounter when making the most expensive purchase of your life, it turns out that many Ontario homeowners (41 per cent) and first-time homebuyers (45 per cent) wish they did something different […]

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What You Need to Know About the Foreign Buyers Tax Rebate

In Ontario, the Non-Resident Speculation Tax (also referred to as the NRST tax) targets foreign homebuyers. Essentially, this is a foreign buyers tax, with a tax rate of 15% on the purchase or acquisition of a residential property. The property in question must be located in the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario. What’s important to […]

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Landlord Tax Guide for 2019

If you’re a landlord, property owner, or real estate investor, our Landlord Tax Guide for 2019 will be a valuable guide for your strategic financial planning. With a real estate investment, there’s always some tax to pay – and occasionally, it can be substantial. Legally, you can’t ignore taxes – but there are certainly ways […]

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