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5 Condo renovations that will increase your property’s value

Many homeowners consider renovations to enjoy their space more, but also to increase their home’s property value. You may be torn about whether to go ahead with condo renovations in the first place, but if you’re looking for reno jobs that can up your property value, you might consider these changes. Paint This is likely […]

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Is a condo renovation worth it?

If you’ve bought a condo, whether it’s for you to live in or as a rental property, you might wonder whether going ahead with renovations in the space is worth the money. Owning a condo is very different than owning a house. You have a much smaller space to work with and there’s only so […]

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Condos looking to accommodate families

When a family starts hunting for a home to buy, it’s common for them to rule out living in a condo. Condos are known to offer less square footage space, despite their other perks, but some condo developers are looking to remedy that. The price of homes in Canada’s housing market continues to climb to […]

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What you need to know about how condos are run

For some homeowners, buying a condo has its appeal, whether it’s located in a convenient place or not needing to worry about snow shovelling. But you also need to be aware that there are certain rules that need to be followed, especially since you’re living in much closer proximity to your neighbours. Boomers and Millennials […]

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How is owning a condo different than a house?

More and more condos are cropping up in Canada’s housing market as urban sprawl affects many people’s quality of living. In Toronto, there’s a record number of towers being built in a bid to allow more people to live near the city. For someone looking to invest into a downtown property, a condo might be […]

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How many condo investors are in Toronto and Vancouver?

Vertical towers are cropping up in city centres thanks to less available land and more and more people have adapted to living in smaller spaces in multi-storey buildings. Condominiums sprouted up as an option for millennials, as a cheaper first-home option, for boomers, as a retirement space to live in and for investors, as an […]

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Ways to Reinvest Your HST Residential Rental Property Rebate

The New Residential Rental Property Rebate (also known as the NRRP Rebate) is made available to landlords and property owners who meet the guidelines specified by Canada Revenue Agency. The NRRP Rebate is available only to property owners who have paid the HST on a property purchased to be used as a residential rental property. […]

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How the HST Housing Rebate Can Help You Own a Home

If you’re planning to build a new house, or planning to make substantial renovations on an existing house, you could qualify for Ontario’s HST housing rebate. You’ll need to comply with CRA rules and regulations and provide all of the supporting paperwork for the rebate claim. In addition to owner-built homes, the HST housing rebate […]

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