Understanding Primary Residence Eligibility for the New Home HST Rebate

Buying a new home is always a huge undertaking and a huge financial responsibility. But there is good news for homebuyers who qualify for the New Home HST Rebate. This HST Rebate in Ontario is offered by Canada Revenue Agency when the new home is the primary residence.


For the New Home HST Rebate, applicants must build a new home that will be built on their own lot or complete a renovation on up to 90% of their home. To qualify, this home must serve as the primary residence of the applicant or an immediate relative of the applicant (based on the definition by the Canada Revenue Agency).


For homeowners who choose to work with a tax specialist on an HST Rebate in Ontario, it’s possible to recoup a portion of the taxes paid on a new home. As expected, CRA has eligibility criteria for this type of rebate. One of the most imperative criteria is the primary residence condition, without which there is no chance for a rebate.


Intention to Occupy as a Primary Residence

When applying for this type of HST rebate, the new home in question must be intended as the principal residence. The name and address of the applicant must be registered on all public and personal records. Without this kind of documentation, CRA could well refuse the claim.


An “immediate” relative may also be considered a property owner, and once again, must live at the property as a primary residence. An “immediate” family member is related by blood, marriage, common-law, or adoption. Here again, the property address must be listed on public records.


Defining Your Primary Place of Residence

A “primary place of residence” is a home you own personally or jointly and intend to occupy permanently. And while there are various types of housing units recognized by CRA, things can get confusing with all the rules and regulations. This is where many property owners opt for a more streamlined approach by employing the services of an HST tax rebate expert.

Documentation for Canada Revenue Agency

When submitting HST rebate applications, applicants must include supporting documents as required by Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA asks for original invoices and legal documents. These must show the name of the owner applicant (or co-owner applicants).

With all the documentation required by the CRA, some property owners find it valuable to work with a rebate professional. In fact, the CRA rules and regulations can often be overwhelming. At Rebate4U, in-house experts provide a streamlined rebate application process so you can be confident that everything is done accurately.


In Toronto and throughout Ontario The Tax Experts at Rebate4U Can Help

Ontario homeowners applying for their HST rebate can rely on the team at Rebate4U for a full-service approach to the HST Rebate in Ontario. We will prepare all the required documents, submit the entire application, and ensure a smooth process from beginning to end.

Most importantly, the team at Rebate4U makes sure that everything is submitted to the CRA before the allotted time period expires. You can find out more about eligibility by working directly with one of our in-house tax professionals.

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